Dog Supplies

Dog Supplies

Pet Supplies for Dogs and Pet Parents

At dogIDs, we strive to improve the lives of dogs and the dog-human relationship by manufacturing top quality, practical products that make life safer and easier. We have a wide selection of pet supplies to help your dog have a happier and healthier time joining you on all of life's adventures, as well as products for humans living the dog lover lifestyle. We'll help you check off boxes on your dog essentials list before you go on that next excursion with your furry friend.

For the Canine Food Connoisseur

If your dog's favorite times of the day are meal times, we've got some great  dog bowls and feeding accessories  for your chowhound...At home or when traveling for that matter. We also have a great variety of pet treats that you can use for training your dog or just showing them how much you love them. All of our dog treats have quality healthy ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Check out our collection of treats while going through your pet supplies list.

For Your Dog's Health and Safety

We offer a broad dog supplies list to help your active dog stay healthy and living their healthiest howling life. Let's face it, dogs love living their lives to the fullest and constantly remind us to be the best versions of ourselves too. Does your dog like playing hard, getting as muddy as possible, rolling in the stinkiest things they can find and plunging into nature like dogs are supposed to? Our health and safety dog supplies will help you keep them safe, healthy and looking great no matter how they roll.

For the Traveling Dog

Looking for last minute dog supplies online before a trip with your pooch? If you love taking your dog with you on all of your travels, check out our dog travel accessories. We've got the dog essentials you'll need to keep your dog safe and well equipped for traveling and the great outdoors.

For the Dogs with Jobs

Some dogs dedicate their lives to serving others and need special working dog gear appropriate for the very important jobs they do. We have many unique pet supplies focused on the working dog's lifestyle including service dog collars, specialty leashes, awareness harnesses and apparel for the unique situations these dogs work in and more.

For Pet Parents and Dog Lovers

Since we're also "crazy dog people" here at dogIDs, we definitely can't ignore the other dog lovers out there. We love making custom personalized products for people who want to show their love for dogs including dog memorials, jewelry, and other handy dog parent products.

For Holidays and Special Events

We make many dog and human products that are just for those special dates and events like holidays and weddings. These are special times and deserve special dog products for special occasions.

Dog Supplies Frequently Asked Questions

Are your dog treats actually healthy for my dog?

Yes. We are extremely picky when it comes to dog treats. We're aware of how mass produced, overly baked dog food and treats can be unhealthy for dogs. We only offer dog treats with healthy whole ingredients and are not overly baked.

Do you offer training accessories with special functions in your store?

Yes. We handcraft many dog accessories made for special applications. Our team's combined dog training experience definitely shines when it comes to specialty accessories, and most we handcraft in our shop were created to fill needs our personal dogs were in need of. Check out our service dog accessories!

Are your pet skin care products healthy for my dog?

All of our DERMagic products are holistically formulated with proven natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals to worry about! The ingredients are listed on each DERMagic product page to help you research what is best for your pet.

What kind of special occasions do you make dog products for?

Well, this changes as customer demands change. But we try to stay focused on the most popular events our customers are looking to include their dog in. Hence, Christmas, weddings, end of life and other holidays seem to be the most popular special occasion products we stay focused on. However, if you have a special event that you'd like us to customize just for you, don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll do the best we can to help you make that special occasion memorable.

What types of safety apparel for working dogs do you have in your store?

We offer custom dog products in our store that provide high visibility and protection while dogs are in the field. We also have specialty products like backpacks for dogs to store critical items while out on your adventures in nature with your dog. Safety first and only high quality will do when considering these types of products. We've got you and your dog covered!