Slip Leads

Slip Leads for Dogs

Those who routinely show their dogs in competitions know that owning a quality slip lead leash is an absolute must. Here at dogIDs, we offer a selection of slip leashes for dogs that are durable, beautiful, and comfortable.

We Have a Few Types of Slip Leashes to Choose From…

Although we don’t recommend slip leashes for regular walks, they’re the only choice for serious dog trainers and handlers whose dogs take part in competitions. What’s so unique about a slip lead? It comes down to construction. Typical dog leashes have a clip that attaches to a dog's collar. Slip leashes don’t have this clip. Instead, they have a large loop that the handle slides through. This ends up creating a loose leash that tightens when the dog pulls and is relaxed when the dog heels. Many trainers also love slip leads since they are so simple and less bulky. Because they have less hardware, they can be easily slung around your neck or rolled up and put in a pocket when not in use.

When you choose one of our slip leashes, you can choose from materials such as:

  • Braided nylon rope: This material is durable, soft, and is available in a myriad of colors
  • Waterproof: Simple light design with waterproof Biothane Beta strap, which is super strong yet soft in the hand
  • Leather: Although leather takes longer to break in, it’s water-resistant and typically the best choice for dog shows

While a slip lead may seem like a great alternative to a collar or leash, it’s not. A collar ID that can be worn daily is an essential safety item for your pup so a collar is still always a must. It’s been shown that 1 in 3 dogs who become lost never find their way home due to improper identification. So don’t forget to check out our personalized dog collars and dog tags when you buy your new slip lead! A dog tag or personalized collar is more than decoration, it’s a dog's ticket home.

Custom Made and Guaranteed by dogIDs

Don’t forget that dogIDs includes a guarantee with each purchase! Plus, if your total order is over the threshold, you’ll receive free shipping too. If you have questions about our options, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. Contact us today!