Non-Personalized Dog Collars

Handcrafted Dog Collars That Look Great and Last

We make practical, great-looking, safe collars for dogs that last. We make them by hand here in the USA, made to order and lifetime guaranteed. If you're looking for a collar for dogs that holds up to the roughest conditions your pooch can throw at them, we've got some great options for you to choose from here at dogIDs.

Each dogIDs collar is made with TLC before being packaged and shipped out. Many of our team members have been dog training and making dog collars with decades of experience behind them. We're very passionate about canines here, and only develop dog accessories we would also want our best friends to wear.

Dog Collars for Old and Young, Big and Small, Workers and Couch Potatoes, and Everything In Between

We offer a huge variety of colors, patterns, styles and sizes for puppies and teacup sized pups up to giant dog breeds, all of the highest quality. Your dog deserves the best casual and formal wear, too, right? Your best friend will be the envy of your block wearing one of a custom handcrafted product from dogIDs.

And don't forget that we make collars to fit all pets. We get requests to make custom ones for cows, horses, goats, cats, rabbits, you name it, and we're always more than happy to accommodate!

Some Popular Styles We Offer...

Consider a nylon collar if you like quick release buckles and effortless adjustment to comfortably fit your pet's neck. The nylon webbing we use is silky smooth and much thicker than most on the market and . Coordinate colors with your furry friend's wardrobe, if you like, or pick out a cool print that reflects your pal’s personality.

Opt for waterproof if rainy weather, swimming, rolling in the mud and other extreme conditions are part of your pooch's life. When it's time for cleaning, just rinse it off. Even though they're tough as a grizzly bear, they're soft and grippy like leather.

A leather collar is a classy choice for your stylish pooch that will last for years. All of our leather dog collars are made with premium leather sourced in the USA for durability and a regal look that just gets better with age.

Check out our martingale Collars and slip collars too!

Quality and Safety are Top Priorities for Our Dogs

Having a unique dog collar on your canine companion's neck provides a sense of pride. It also helps us spot our dog more easily at times, especially when at the dog park or in other crowded environments. A dogIDs reflective dog collar adds another layer of visibility for low light conditions. If you are an early morning or evening dog walker, you may want to consider a reflective collar with a little more shine for safety.

In our collar production, we only use stainless steel welded D rings, so you can confidently snap dog leashes to it, even if your pooch loves to pull as hard as he or she can. There's nothing worse than a D ring breaking or bending while near traffic or other chaotic situations. A dog collar from our shop won't ever have this concern.

We believe the most effective way to ensure our best friends stay "known and safely home" is to always have a dog collar around their neck sporting a custom dog tag or personalized name plate with your contact information clearly displayed. If your pup then happens to get lost, someone who finds him can easily read your contact info and reach out to you as soon as possible.

Durable Materials Sourced in the USA

dogIDs collars grow with your best friend throughout his or her life because they're extremely durable. If you want a tough dog collar that will keep up with your rough and tumble pooch, we've got your back. We only use top quality materials sourced from United States suppliers that we trust and have worked with for many years.

Our winters are brutal here in North Dakota and our summers are short but intense, which provides great proving grounds for our product field-testing. You can pick out a dog collar to use every day and another for special occasions, knowing they will last for many years to come!

Opt to Personalize Your Pooch

Consider a personalized dog collar that provides an extra touch of class. Customize your collar design just the way you like, and then personalize it to keep your fur baby known and safely home. We offer only the best dog collars personalized with your contact information boldly displayed with an engraved name plate, ID tag or embroidery.

We've been laser engraving pet tags and personalized dog collars many years and have developed proprietary processes that ensure whatever information you choose to have engraved on your pet's collar is guaranteed to stay clearly visible for the life of your pet. Again, keeping them "known and safely home" is our top priority.

Most of our collars have personalization options, so you don't have to worry about a jingling tag that can get caught on obstacles or fall off.