Dog ID Tags

Dog ID Tags

Premium Pet ID Tags and Collar Name Plates Deeply Laser Engraved

We make premium quality dog ID tags with deep laser engraving that never wears off. Hence, our tags are guaranteed for life. The high power lasers we utilize and the wisdom we've gained from many years of dog tag customization helps us keep pets "known and safely home", and looking classy at the same time. Personalize your pets!

Replacing dog tags frequently because your contact info wears off gets annoying...and expensive. That isn't a concern with ours at dogIDs. Once you see one of ours on your pup's collar and realize how long it lasts, we're quite confident you'll agree that we produce the best looking and longest lasting dog tags on the market.

Personalized Dog ID Tags Are Still a Necessity

Technology is rapidly advancing, but we still have the same issue...Dogs can't talk. Hence, dog ID tags are a necessity.

Yes, tracking them with the latest high-tech tracking collar helps us keep tabs on them, but batteries go dead, and Wi-Fi and cell phone signals aren't always reliable. Most people who find a lost dog still prefer to look for a dog ID tag with a phone number to call immediately rather than go through additional technology steps. And let's face it, not everyone is tech-savvy. A personalized collar or pet tag is still the most reliable way to keep your pet known and safely home.

Our Dog Tags Aren't Just for Dogs

Let's get something straight. Just because our company name has "dog" in it, doesn't mean we only make ID tags for dogs. Oh no, we make them for animals of all shapes and sizes. Cats, horses, goats, cows, ferrets, you name it. We even make them for people too! Making personalized dog tags, dog collars and personalized pet accessories has been our core business over the years, and we like to apply that same wisdom we've gained to all pets whenever we get the opportunity.

Many pet parents also like to use our name plates and ID tags for a dog leash, kennels, harnesses, food bags, travel pet carriers and other pet accessories to keep things identified and organized. This also applies to items around the household you want to keep track of, especially if you or your family members tend to take them out and about.

Our dog tags can be put on pretty much anything you want to keep track of that you can attach a split ring or S-hook to. Backpacks, luggage, shoes, camping gear, shopping bags, yoga mats, the list goes on and on. Many people also love to use our classy laser engraved dog tags for do-it-yourself projects, jewelry, crafting, etc.

Always Have Backup Tags On Hand

Still have that "tag for dog" item on your checklist? While you're checking the box off of your list we recommend taking advantage of our discounts for multiple dog tags. Our quantity discounts are listed on all of our pet ID tag product pages. If you buy 2 or more, we decrease the price some!

It's good to always have backup tags on-hand for your pooch in case you get a new collar, or he happens to lose his name tag. We don't know how they do it, but it seems if they find a way to lose their dog tags, they will, and sometimes even repeatedly.

We often hear about pups losing their tag if they have playmates they like to roughhouse with. For some reason, they grab onto each other's tag while playing sometimes, and next thing you know, it's nowhere to be found.

It's also a good idea to have multiple tags if you travel to different locations like a weekend cottage. You never know when your pet will decide to go on a solo adventure so having IDs with contact information for wherever you travel is always a good practice.

If you have a service dog it may be a good idea to have awareness dog tags ready to go for those times when your working dog needs to quick get on the job.

If you foster or dog sit, you may want to have a few extra ID tags on hand for new canine clients staying with you as well. That way, if the dog you're watching gets lost, the finder will call your phone number for a more swift return, instead of trying to contact the dog's parents, wherever they may be.

Again, just a friendly reminder to take a multiple tag discount now while you're thinking of it so you have one or two on reserve for when you really need them.

Huge Selection of Pet ID Tag Designs to Choose From

We have lots of options to help you create a perfect personalized ID for your pooch. Our dog tags are available in several colors, shapes, and sizes, and we have so many custom tag designs for you to choose from! If you prefer the classic dog tag look, we carry brass dog tags, which aren't as easy to find as they used to be.

Explore our vast selection of dog tag designs and collections. We're confident you'll find one that fits your dog's persona. If you can't seem to find one that resonates perfectly, we hope you find some inspiration from our designs and let us know exactly what you're looking for. We'd love to help you create that perfect custom ID tag design for your pooch.

Themed Dog Tag Collections with Hundreds of Designs

While you're browsing our hundreds of tag designs, make sure to check out our Themed Dog Tag Collections too. You'll find many designs to pick from in each collection once you get to its product information page. Some of our Themed Tag Collections have dozens and dozens of designs to choose from.

Choose from dog ID tags with a dog breed design on the front, the state design where you are from, a hobby-related design or one of the many other unique design options we offer. We're constantly adding new designs, but if you don't see one that you believe will be the perfect design for your pup, contact us so we can help you get a custom tag order started.

Do You Prefer Jingle or No Jingle?

Some people like the jingly sound of a hanging style tag as it helps them know where their dog is at when they hear them on the move. Others are very annoyed by the familiar clanging sound when their dog is drinking from their water bowl and their tag is bouncing off of it.

To each their own. We're just happy if people use either a custom dog tag or name plate to help keep their dog known and safely home. Either style is important to us, and we put just as much TLC into making either style.

Do dogs prefer silent dog tags? Most seem to not care if their tag makes noise or not, but you'll just have to pay attention to how they react when their tag jingles. You can always ask them, but again, most don't speak human.

The Sound of Silence - Custom Engraved Name Plates

If you prefer dog collar tags that don't jingle, we have silent slide-on or rivet-on dog collar name plates for you. They install directly on the strap of a collar and we include simple instructions in the packaging.

In addition to being silent, a collar name plate is very safe. Since it lays flush against the collar strap, it's less likely to get caught on obstacles or even worse, get a dog stuck in a place they can't break free from. Engraved name plates are extremely secure, and they can give your dog's collar a little extra touch of class too. There's just something about a name plate riveted onto a collar that looks so regal.

Our rivet-on name plates are extremely popular. Yes, you can only engrave one side of a nameplate, but they're wider than traditional style hanging tags so you can fit more engraved text per line.

Our slide-on name plates are also one of our top sellers. They have a very large surface area to display plenty of your contact info boldly, so they are easy to read without physically contacting the dog in many cases. We call this style a ScruffTag because it sits right on the scruff of a dog's neck when installed correctly. This location is one of the most visible places on a dog, so it's very easy for someone to notice and read from a distance.

What Information Should You Put On Your Custom Dog Tags?

No matter which style ID tags you prefer for your pet, we highly recommend including at least one phone number when deciding on what personal contact information to have engraved on your pet's name tag. Two or three phone numbers is even better.

If your furry friend has medical conditions that are important to know about, you may want to also include those details or at least an attention grabbing phrase like "NEEDS MEDS". We also have medical alert tags that add extra awareness to whatever health condition people need to know about. If there is a condition we don't list as an option, reach out to us and we'll help you design custom tags that clearly inform people of the health concern.

Some people are against putting their dog's name on their dog's tag to discourage theft. Some argue just the opposite so when a dog is found, he or she will feel more comfortable if they hear their name while waiting to get home. It's personal preference.

Top priority is connecting the finder with your family as swiftly as possible. So we usually recommend to people if they're on the fence, to put their family name and phone numbers on the tag. This way if people recognize your last name, they may know how to get in touch with the right people accordingly, and there will be phone numbers to call regardless. 

Are Double-Sided Pet Tags Better Than One-Sided?

Yes, the more contact information on a pet tag, the better. Even if it seems you only need a dog name tag with one side engraved and the other side blank, we recommend considering a tag with both sides engraved, so you can include as much contact information as possible on the ID. Even if it's just a name on one side, that frees up space for contact information on the other side of your tag.

A double-sided ID can be easier for a finder to quickly read how to get in touch with you too since they can find your contact info on either side. It can be VERY challenging trying to read a strange dog's name tag, especially if the dog is super excited that they just met someone new! Having a tag on your best friend's collar with contact info on both sides can help make the return process easier.

Many of our traditional hanging style IDs have double-sided personalization available with plenty of room for phone numbers, addresses, license numbers, microchip numbers, medical alerts or any other information that's important for a potential finder to help a dog home to you swiftly. This critical information can also improve a dog's experience while waiting to be returned home.

How Do You Install a Dog Tag on a Collar?

Installing a pet ID on a dog's collar is quite simple but a needle nose pliers or regular pliers will be needed, especially if using an S hook to attach it. We include a stainless steel split ring and S hook with each one we ship out, so you have the choice of using either or both for installing your furry friend's new pet ID tag on his collar.

Since we only use stainless steel S hooks and split rings, you can be sure they will never rust, break or come loose. The tradeoff is that stainless steel is very strong and takes extra effort to install them sometimes.

We recommend attaching tags to the collar's D ring. Some collars have a special ring specifically for IDs, but it's rare. Depending on the thickness of the D ring on the collar, it can be challenging getting the split ring around it. This is where a good set of pliers comes in handy to spread the S hook or split ring enough to get around the D ring.

Here's a video demonstrating how to install a traditional hang-style tag. How to attach a hanging style pet ID tag to a collar.

Is My Dog's ID Lifetime Guaranteed? Seriously?

Yes! Every tag we produce are laser engraved deeply and come with a lifetime guarantee. And yes, they're made in the USA, right here in Fargo, North Dakota. If you find any part of our workmanship to be unsatisfactory, we'll replace your pet ID at no cost to you.

Our high-power lasers precisely and deeply engrave your personal inscription into your tag. We don't just laser mark by discoloring the metal black, we laser engrave our IDs, and deeply too. Our lasers actually remove metal by vaporizing it. This process also hardens the remaining surface where the metal was removed to produce dark text that's easy to read.

What does this mean for you? It means the engraving on your new pet ID will last for the life of your pet, guaranteed. Don't settle for "laser marked" or rotary engraved IDs that need to be replaced frequently due to your critical contact information wearing off. Safety is too important when it comes to our favorite furry friends. Buy dog tags that last, from dogIDs. Only the Best for Your Best Friend.

What If My Dog Loses His Tag?

We always joke in our office, "If you ever want to thoroughly test or break a product, just put it on a dog.". Dogs put products through extreme conditions, and sometimes they lose their dog tags. If this happens, just contact us. We'll look up your latest order to help you duplicate your dog's lost tag and get it shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Dog Name Tags with Flat Rate Shipping and Tracking

Our flat-rate shipping ensures no shipping fee surprises when you check out, and you'll receive a tracking number when your order ships. Your dog's ID will arrive on time and in mint condition, ready to wear with necessary attachment hardware.

We utilize USPS for shipping dog tags and always provide you with a tracking number for your shipment. You can relax knowing that dogIDs takes your pet's safety seriously from the moment we start producing your dog's IDs, until you receive them. "Only the Best for Your Best Friend" is one of our taglines with good reason. We don't just talk quality here at dogIDs, we walk it.