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Round Dog ID Tags

Round Dog Tags It never hurts to go to great lengths for your dog's safety. In addition to personalized collars, choose the perfect round dog tags to ensure that your pooch is identifiable. With a tag that reveals your best friend’s name, your...

Classic Bone Dog Tag

Explore Bone-Shaped Metal Tags for Dogs If you are looking for fun metal tags for dogs, these Dog Bone ID Tags fit the bill. Available in 2 different sizes and 4 different material types, you can get the identification you need for any dog with this...

Dog Collar Name Plate with Rivets

Dog Collar Name Plate with Rivets If you have an existing collar or leash that doesn't have any identification built in, these dog collar name plates are perfect. Our dog collar name plates are easy to install on most collars with the included two-piece...

ScruffTag Slide On Collar Nameplate

ScruffTag Slide-On Dog Collar Name Plate Your dog’s well-being is a top priority, and that makes having a reliable personalized dog tag an essential. The ScruffTag Slide-On Nameplate is perfect for open-ended collars. If you already have a dog...

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Dog Tag

Funny Dog ID Tags from dogIDs Is your furry friend known to wander the neighborhood? We understand how easy it is to get caught up stopping to smell the roses — that’s why we made dogIDs Signature Not All Who Wander Are Lost Tag...

Military Style Dog Tag

Military Dog Tags For Dogs Whether it's for you or your dog, you will love our Military Dog ID Tags. These military dog tags for dogs are available in gold, nickel, brass, and stainless steel. The dog ID tags also come in two convenient sizes...

Paw Print Design Dog ID Tag

Want your dog to have a one-of-a-kind tag you can’t find anywhere else? Check out our dogIDs Paw Print Design Dog ID Tags. Each paw print dog tag is made of stainless steel or brass. We laser engrave each tag with our exclusive paw print design and...

Oh Shit I'm Lost Dog Tag

When we get lost we usually say some pretty choice words. When your dog gets lost, they are probably thinking the same thing. Since your pooch can’t speak, put their thoughts into words with the Oh Shit I’m Lost Dog Tag. Not a fan of strong language?...

Heart Pet ID Tag

$8.00 On Sale
Heart Pet ID Tags Show your dog, cat or any furry friend just how much you love them with these Heart Pet ID Tags in two sizes to choose from. Personalization These hanging pet ID tags have a lot of room to house important information. You have...

Dog Breed ID Tags

Custom Dog Tags For Dogs Have your dog wear his breed with pride on a beautiful laser engraved dogIDs Custom Dog Breed ID Tag! Quality Materials, Quality Engraving Our custom dog tags for dogs are made from top-quality stainless steel or brass here in...

Colorful 1" Aluminum ID Tags

$7.00 On Sale
Looking for a pop of color for your dog’s collar Look no further than the Colorful Aluminum ID Tags! Available in fun colors, you will have no trouble finding the perfect tag for your pooch. Each lightweight aluminum tag comes with the option to...

Small Round Colorful Pet ID Tags

$7.00 On Sale
Looking for a fun way to add some color to your dog or cat’s collar? These Round Colorful Pet ID Tags will do the trick! High Quality Materials These tags are made of anodized aluminum. Aluminum is much more lightweight than similar looking tags...

Tough Paw Dog Tag

Does your pup need super strength products? Look no further. Our dogIDs Signature Tough Paw Dog ID Tags are incredibly durable. Made with 1/8” thick stainless steel, these personalized dog tags are sure to withstand any force trying to bend or...

I am Microchipped Bone Dog Tag

Keep Your Pup Safe With a Microchip Dog Tag Chances are your dog has wandered off and gotten lost at some point. With this new I Am Microchipped Dog Tag, your dog will make it home to you safe and sound. This microchip dog tag has everything you love...

Custom Graphic DIY Dog Tag

Do-It-Yourself Dog Tag - You Build It, We Make It! We’re excited to offer this totally customized dog tag with your image. Follow our instructions below and we will turn your image into the coolest pet tag in the neighborhood. Each round custom...

Medical Alert Dog Tags

An Important PrecautionSince your dog can’t speak for herself to explain to strangers her medical needs, these Medical Alert Tags have been designed by dogIDs to easily inform others to be aware of special needs or provide emergency response...

Call My People Pet ID Tag

A Tag to Freak Out About You and your pup are going to love the fun and silly dogIDs Call My People Pet ID Tag. This high quality ID tag comes in stainless steel or brass. Even better, you can choose between a bone shaped tag or a military tag. Whether...

Sport Dog Rivet-On Dog Collar Name Plate

Some dogs want nothing more than to spend all day, every day in the great outdoors. That’s why we’ve created our line of Sport Dog Rivet-On Dog Collar Name Plates. Obviously keeping your dog identified and protected in your number one...

Have Your People Call My People Custom Dog Tag

Some dogs are just meant to be on the big screen. They dream of being the center of attention and having as many treats as their little hearts desire. If your dog is a diva, then they will absolutely love the Have Your People Call My People Custom Dog...

Awaken Dog Tags

Being on the path of awakening is such a profound experience! If you are a yogi or meditation practitioner, our Awaken dog ID Tags will resonate strongly with you. Your dog can join you on your path to enlightenment by proudly wearing your favorite...

I Don't Have Thumbs, Call My Human Dog ID Tag

If our dogs had thumbs, they would likely be texting and calling us all day long asking for treats and belly rubs! Unfortunately, dogs don’t have thumbs obviously. So if they wander a little too far from home, they can’t call their human for help! That’s...

Glitter Enamel Stainless Steel Custom Dog Tag

Shine Bright Help your pet sparkle with our Glitter Enamel Stainless Steel Custom Dog Tag. These stainless steel tags come in three fun enamel designs: bone, heart or paw print. No matter the design, each tag is surrounded in glistening glitter that will...

I'm Kind of a Big Deal Custom Dog Tag

If your dog loves being the center of attention, the I'm Kind of a Big Deal Custom Dog Tag is the perfect way to highlight their personality. Featuring our signature design on the front and your personalization on the back, everyone your dog...

DogSpeak Custom Pet ID Tags

DogSpeak Pet ID Tags What would your dog say if they could speak With our new line of DogSpeak Custom Pet ID Tags, you can choose one of our multiple fun and witty sayings that do the talking for your pet to match their one of a kind personality. These...

Custom Dog Tags with Deep Personalized Laser Engraving

We make high quality custom dog tags for pets, personalized and deeply engraved to help keep them Known and Safely Home. Find the most creative, unique dog tags for your dog to match their personality. See why we are your one-stop shop for enhancing pooch style, whether you have a small pet or a giant breed dog. And just because our name, dogIDs, screams dog tags doesn't mean all we make are pet tags for dogs. Oh no, we love all animals here and make ID tags for all pets. Cats, horses, goats, ferrets, you name it. We even make custom dog tags for people too with whatever personalized message your heart desires!


Choose the Best Pet Tags Personalized for Your Dog's Personality

Believe it or not, there’s more to choosing a dog ID tag than you think. Hanging pet tags are available in several colors, shapes, and sizes. Slide-on dog ID tags  pair best with leather and waterproof collars. Each tag is personalized in-house by fellow pet owners. From jingle-free rivet-on nameplates to heavy duty stainless steel hanging tags, we have a wide variety of tags for even the most active pets. Please remember to include at least one phone number when deciding on what personal contact details to include your engraved pet tag. Some of our tags are even double sided with plenty of room for phone numbers, addresses, license numbers, medical alerts or any other information that's important to you.

Our Commitment to Quality - ID Tags Guaranteed for the Life of Your Pet

dogIDs’ tags are guaranteed for the life of your pet. If you find any part of our workmanship to be unsatisfactory, we will replace your pet tags at no cost to you. Our high-power fiber lasers skillfully and deeply engrave custom information into each tag. We guarantee our tags won’t fade or wear out over time. There is a big difference between our high-power deep laser engraving technique and others who mark tags on the surface of the metal with less powerful lasers. Don't settle for tags that need to be replaced frequently due to contact information wearing off. Our dogs' safety is too important.

Custom Dog Tags with Hassle Free Shipping

Our flat-rate shipping ensures your tag will arrive on time and in mint condition, ready to wear. Browse our online collection, and relax knowing that dogIDs takes your pet’s safety seriously.