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Whether you're looking for an ID tag holder or you're a DIYer looking for dog collar hardware to make your own dog products, this is where you'll find solutions.

Personalized Engraved Dog Collar Buckles

Are you looking for a simple, yet safe method to identify your dog? If so, consider an engraved dog collar buckle from dogIDs. If you like to DIY your own dog collars, these personalized buckles are the perfect choice for your collar making projects. Plus, with high-quality construction and lifetime guaranteed laser engraving, they have a multitude of other handy applications as well!

The Ultimate ID Tag Alternative

Why personalized quick release buckles from dogIDs? There are several good reasons:

  • You’re looking for silent identification. Many of our customers love our engraved dog collar buckles because they don’t jingle or make noise like most metal dog tags do.
  • You’re DIYing your dog’s collar, and you want high-quality hardware to finish the job. Our military grade polymer and plastic/metal hybrid buckles won’t break like cheap plastic buckles.
  • You’re looking to add a fun message to your dog’s collar. Since laser engraving is included with every order, you can add a fun, unique message right on the collar that showcases your pooch’s personality. Or, keep it simple with your dog’s name and your contact information.
  • You’re looking for a versatile ID tag. Our one-of-a-kind dog tags aren’t just for dogs! Use them on luggage, backpacks, or duffle bags for high visibility, durable identification. Just use one of our dog tag clips.

Looking to order engraved buckles in bulk? We can do custom designs and bulk orders of personalized, engraved dog collar buckles for any project in front of you. Our inside sales team and designers will work with you to help you develop a great engraved design to use. Visit our custom orders page for more information.

Don’t forget, with our lifetime guarantee, your engraved dog collar buckle will stay readable and usable for the life of your pet…we promise!

You Can Trust dogIDs

Here at dogIDs, our pack has been making customers happy since 2005. We sell durable, high-quality products for one simple reason: we love dogs as much as you do! That’s why we’re a one-stop-shop for all dog accessories like leashes, harnesses, apparel, and much more.

Have questions? Contact us today! We’d be glad to help you choose the best tag for both you and your pup.