Waterproof Dog Collars

Waterproof Dog Collars

Waterproof, Stinkproof, Easy to Clean Dog Collars 

Most dog collars serve the purpose of identifying lost pets - but what about the active pup? When you're choosing a collar, you want one that matches the lifestyle of your pet and still keeps them safe. dogIDs makes your best friend’s safety a top priority, always. 

Why Choose Waterproof Dog Collars?  

dogIDs waterproof dog collars are sure to keep your dog stink-free. They won’t hold onto odors even after taking a swim at the beach or rolling in the mud! Whatever your furry friend gets into, our rubber dog collars will keep the stench at bay!  

Waterproof collars are also durable and easy to maintain. Mud is no match for the biothane surface, which cleans up like a dream.  

Each of our waterproof collars is built with safety, functionality, comfort, and style in mind. We'll make you the perfect forever collar to suit your best friend for life. Options and a multitude of colors. Each of our waterproof collars is built with safety, functionality, comfort and style in mind. We'll make you the perfect forever collar to suit your best friend for life. 

Our Personalized Waterproof Dog Collars 

All of our waterproof dog collars are ready for personalization. Choose the collar that’s the best fit for your pup’s lifestyle and fashion sense. Each collar has unique personalization options, all of which are clear, legible, and durable.  

Some of our bestselling waterproof collars include: 

  • The Waterproof ScruffTag Personalized Collar 

Our popular ScruffTag style is available in a waterproof design! It’s a waterproof dog collar with a name plate that sits flat against your dog’s neck. It’s a deeply engraved tag that doesn’t shift or jingle, making it easy for anyone to read it.

  • Martingale Waterproof Dog Training Collar 

The waterproof chain martingale collar is great for dogs who need a little more physical communication on the go. This humane training collar is a favorite of dog trainers, and perfect for slender pups.

  • Waterproof Collars With Bronze Hardware 

If you’re looking for a more distinguished style, choose a waterproof dog collar with classy bronze hardware. It offers a classic look with all of the easy-clean, stench-free benefits of our other waterproof options. While bronze has some special care needs, many dog owners think the stylish appearance is worth the extra effort!

  • Reflective Waterproof Collars 

Do you live in a rainier region where visibility is a priority? Your furry friend will shine bright in a reflective collar, ensuring they can be seen even in dark or foggy conditions. 

  • Waterproof QR Code Collar 

Embrace the latest technology with a waterproof collar with QR code technology. If a finder scans your pet’s collar, they’ll gain instant access to all your most up-to-date contact information. A premium subscription to the PingTag app ensures you can include everything from special care instructions to photos.  

Shop these popular styles and more above. Click through to learn about how to customize and personalize your pet’s new waterproof collar!  

Our Commitment to Quality Collars 

Each of our waterproof dog collars comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and quality. All of our collars are hand-crafted in the United States. They are made by fellow dog lovers who know what they would want their own pets to wear.

Our high-tech laser equipment engraves each collar name plate deeply with your critical contact information. Every single collar helps keep your dog known and safely home.

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