Waterproof Dog Collars

Waterproof Dog Collars

Waterproof, Stinkproof, Easy to Clean Dog Collars

Most dog collars serve the purpose of identifying lost pets - but what about the active pup? When you're choosing a collar, you want one that matches the lifestyle of your pet and still keeps them safe. dogIDs makes your best friend’s safety a top priority, always.

dogIDs waterproof dog collars are sure to keep your dog stink free even after taking a swim at the beach or rolling in the mud (or whatever other stinky things they find). Waterproof = stink free collars.

Why Waterproof Dog Collars?

Each of our personalized collars and tags come with their own benefits, and our collection of waterproof dog collars is no exception. Many collars become soggy and even smelly after a day-long beach outing. A quality dogIDs waterproof collar prevents odor while still remaining stylish.

Choose from reflective options and a multitude of colors. Each of our waterproof collars is built with safety, functionality, comfort and style in mind. We'll make you the perfect forever collar to suit your best friend for life.

Our Commitment to Quality Collars

Each of our waterproof dog collars comes with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and quality. All of our collars are hand-crafted in the United States by fellow dog lovers who know what they would want their own pets to wear. Our high-tech laser equipment engraves each collar name plate deeply with your critical contact information that helps keep your dog known and safely home.

Order Your Waterproof Dog Collar Today

dogIDs offers flat-rate shipping and guaranteed delivery times with shipment tracking. We offer free shipping on select orders, and you can rest easy knowing that we'll get building your waterproof collar as soon as we receive your order...after we get done celebrating first of course!