Leather Dog Collars

Leather Dog Collars

Only the Highest Quality Leather for Dog Collars Here at dogIDs

Our super classy and top quality custom leather dog collars will make your pup the most stylish on the block. Each of dogIDs leather dog collars is handmade in the USA along with many matching fine leather products like leashes and dog training accessories. Don’t settle for inexpensive low quality leather - we've been making leather dog collars for a long time, know there is a huge difference and know that your dog deserves better.

Choose the Right Leather

Not all leather is created equal. You can trust us on that. We have always stuck with vegetable tanned leather sourced in the USA to work with, as we love the classic finished look it provides and know there are no harsh chemicals being used to produce it. Any of our English bridle leather collars are a sure bet if you are looking for the most regal looking collar with superior durability to have around your dog's neck. They are a little stiff at first, but once your dog wears it a while and it breaks in absorbing your dogs natural oils, wow, you just can't beat how classy they look and soft they feel.

Artisanal Quality and Added Touch of Class

Our handcrafted leather dog collars are beautiful all by themselves but we like to add subtle highllights you won't find other places, like thick, heavy-duty nylon thread that is normally only used for horse tack. We believe it adds a notch-up classy look that is very difficult to find, and you will too once you see the difference. Sizes can be custom-fit to suit any breed or dog life stage, and your canine companion is sure to stand out in the crowd with the finest and most unique leather dog collar with a stainless steel or solid brass customized name plate riveted on to keep him known and safely home. You customize the text on your dog's engraved name plate just the way you want to.

Why Faux Leather Collar Options?

Some may think that faux leather dog collars are a step down, like when buying a couch. Well, that's simply not the case. We've been working with waterproof strap for dog collars for decades. In fact, Clint, our founder, was one of the first in the pet industry to make dog collars with waterproof strap back in the 90s while building another business in the dog product industry.

Biothane waterproof strap was originally developed for horse tack. It's a special type of poly coated synthetic webbing that is super durable and resistant to moisture, cold and UV light. Once Clint started seeing how soft, durable and similar looking to leather it was, he just had to start using it to make dog collars. If it worked much better than leather for horse team reins, why not dog collars, right? He was right and it's actually really hard to tell the difference just by looking, and it's so soft to the touch yet ridiculously strong.

If your dog loves to get out there and enjoy nature, you'll much appreciate how easy our faux leather waterproof collars are to clean and maintain, with the added benefit of never having that musty, stinky smell some collars develop over time.

Shop Leather Collars and Faux Leather Collars Today

From personalized options to vibrant colors, our collection is the perfect mix of durability and high-end style. Explore our leather cleaning tips to keep your collar looking brand new year after year. Rest easy knowing that your personalized leather dog collars are guaranteed for the life of your pet. Let dogIDs help you choose the perfect designer leather dog collar for your best friend.