Leather Dog Collars

Leather Dog Collars

Only the Highest Quality Leather for Dog Collars Here at dogIDs

Our super classy and top-quality custom leather dog collars will make your pup the most stylish on the block. Each of dogIDs' leather dog collars is handmade in the USA.

Don’t settle for inexpensive low-quality leather - we've been making leather collars for dogs for a long time. We know the difference that high-quality materials and handmade leather dog collars can make. Give your best friend the leather dog collar they deserve.

Benefits of Leather Dog Collars

  • Classic, Classy, and Stylish: Achieve a timeless look with leather dog collars featuring timeless stitching, gold-toned hardware, and handcrafted charm.
  • Personalization Options: Your pooch will be known and safely home with custom engraving options that add to the regal look of each leather engraved dog collar.
  • Durable, High-Quality Materials: We only use the highest quality vegetable-tanned leather, sourced right here in the USA, so no harsh chemicals will ever touch your pup.
  • Soften Over Time: Your dog’s natural oils will soften each leather dog collar until it is comfortable and cozy.
  • Guaranteed for Life: Every dogIDs leather dog collar is guaranteed for the life of your pet, so you can choose our high-quality products with confidence.

Choose the Right Leather

Not all leather is created equal. You can trust us on that.

We have always used vegetable-tanned leather sourced in the USA. We love the classic finished look it provides, and owners love the assurance that no harsh chemicals are involved in its production.

Any of our English bridle leather dog collars is a sure bet if you are looking for the most regal-looking collar. Discover peace of mind with superior durability.

Custom leather dog collars can be a little stiff at first. The trick is allowing the collar to absorb your dog’s natural oils. Once your dog wears it for a while and it breaks in, it will become soft, classy, and comfortable.

Artisanal Quality and Added Touch of Class

Our handcrafted leather dog collars are beautiful on their own. Still, we go above and beyond to add subtle highlights you won't find in other places.

One feature is the thick, heavy-duty nylon thread that is normally only used for horse tack. We believe it adds a notch-up classy look that is very difficult to find.

Handmade Leather Dog Collars 

Experience the difference with our handmade leather dog collars. Each collar is crafted by skilled artisans who pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every piece is as durable as it is beautiful. Choose from a variety of styles to fit your dog's unique needs and your aesthetic preferences.

Leather Engraved Dog Collars Add Safety and Style

Sizes can be custom-fit to suit any breed or dog life stage, and your canine companion is sure to stand out in the crowd with the finest and most unique leather dog collar. You can also get your leather dog collar personalized with names, phone numbers, and other information. Leather engraved dog collars or a training collar for dogs add an element of style and safety. Add a stainless steel or solid brass customized name plate riveted on to keep them known and safely home.

You customize the text on your dog's engraved nameplate just the way you want to.

Personalize Your Pet’s Style - Best Leather Dog Collars with Name Personalization

Make it truly yours with leather dog collars with name personalization. Each collar can be personalized with your dog's name, your phone number, and other essential details to ensure they always find their way back home. It’s the perfect blend of style, safety, and personal touch.

Explore Our Black Leather Dog Collars

Our black leather dog collars combine sophisticated style with durability. Perfect for any occasion, from casual walks in the park to formal events, these collars bring out the elegant simplicity of black leather, designed to suit any breed's coat beautifully. Each collar is crafted with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail you expect from dogIDs.

Discover the Best Dog Collars Leather 

When it comes to quality and style, our best leather dog collars are second to none. We use premium, vegetable-tanned leather to ensure that each collar is not only beautiful but also robust and long-lasting. Shop our top selections to give your pet the luxury and comfort they deserve.

Luxury Leather Dog Collars for the Discerning Owner

Add to your pet's wardrobe with our luxury leather dog collars. Our collars are designed for those who seek the finest quality and exclusive designs. Made from the best materials with unique features like monogramming, each collar offers supreme comfort and standout style.

Leather Custom Dog Collars Tailored for Your Pet

Find the perfect fit for your pet with our leather custom dog collars and dog training collars. Choose from a range of custom options, including leather types, stitching colors, and personalized nameplates, to create a one-of-a-kind collar that reflects your pet's personality and style.

Comfort from the Start with a Leather Puppy Collar 

Start your puppy's journey right with a leather puppy collar. Our dog collars leather provides comfort and adjustability, these collars grow with your puppy, ensuring they remain comfortable and safe as they develop. Our puppy collars are the perfect introduction to lifelong quality and style. We also offer a selection of quick release collars and fabric dog collars.

Shop Leather Collars and Faux Leather Collars Today

Our collection of leather personalized dog collars is the perfect mix of durability and high-end style. Explore our leather cleaning tips to keep your collar looking brand new year after year. Rest easy knowing that your personalized leather dog collars are guaranteed for the life of your pet. Let dogIDs help you choose the perfect designer leather dog collar for your best friend.