NamePlate Collars

NamePlate Collars

Dog Collars with Personalized Name Plates Deeply Laser Engraved

Nothing beats the convenience and classy look of a dog collar with a personalized name plate from dogIDs. When a collar doesn't have a tag, you have nothing to lose—literally! With our name plate dog collars, you don't have to fear that your dog's tag will fall off or break, which can be a worry with some dangling dog tags. Instead, consider a dog collar without the "dog tag jingle" like these that have a laser engraved name plate riveted right onto the collar.

NamePlate Collars Have Safety Benefits

These no-noise dog collars keep your dog's contact information highly visible so if your dog ever does get lost, it's that much easier for someone who finds your dog to see your contact information. No need to search under your dog's jowls to find a hanging dog tag.

Enjoy the ease of a handsome collar that has the name plate permanently riveted on, and the added safety of an easier to read ID tag. Another safety aspect of our NamePlate collars is that the name plate will never get caught on things like traditional hanging dog tags can, since they are riveted tightly against the collar strap.

Can't-Miss Name Plates

Explore our collection of dog collars with an engraved name plate for an eye-catching, easy to read personalized collar that will keep your dog known and safely home and feeling more than a little special. Depending on your dog's activity level, you can choose from many durable materials, such as nylon or canvas. If you need something that's waterproof, we have many personalized dog collar options as well.

Want your pooch to strut down the street with that classy leather look? Grab a leather dog collar with a laser engraved personalized ID plate to spoil your pooch. In each case, you can feel confident that the tags will never jingle. As you choose a no-noise dog collar, consider getting your dog a classy leather collar with name plate from dogIDs.

Uncover your new favorite dog collar with a custom engraved name plate when you shop at dogIDs! Check out our great selection of NamePlate Dog Collars today, and don't forget that you snag free US shipping on select orders.