Personalized Dog Collars

Personalized Dog Collars

Custom Dog Collars for Safety and Style

Customizing a dog collar with all the options we offer at dogIDs is fun! It's also the most important thing you can do for your dog when it comes to safety. Keeping your dog known and safely home is critical and our top priority here at dogIDs is dog identification. Let your creativity flow while exploring our dog collar styles and build your furry friend's new favorite forever collar!

A personalized dog collar with personal contact info is hands down the most effective and practical solution to ensure your dog is easily identified and safely returned home if ever lost. A collar with a name and phone number boldly displayed right on the collar improves the odds of someone finding your contact information easily and returning your dog home as swiftly as possible.

It's Not Always Easy Identifying a Lost Dog

Reading a dog's ID tag when they're lost isn't always an easy task. Often a stray dog is very anxious about being lost and very excited to see a new human at the same time! This can make finding a family phone number challenging.

Some people are intimidated by a strange dog and would rather not risk getting bit or slobbered on while trying to find contact information on a pet tag under the dog's jowls in order to call his or her family. A personalized dog collar with your name and phone number engraved on a name plate or embroidered on the collar strap is much easier to notice and read while standing near an anxious lost dog.

Calling Phone Number on ScruffTag Collar

Personalized Collars for Dogs Make Identification Easier

If your dog is wearing a personalized dog collar, it's much easier for a finder to read your contact information and reach out to you, most of the time without the need to even physically touch your dog.

Our ScruffTag Collar improves the dog identification process even more by ensuring the personalized name plate always sits right on the back of your dog's neck, or "scruff", making it even easier for someone who finds your lost pup to read your contact information and call you ASAP. The ScruffTag is also built into the structure of the collar, so it's impossible for it to ever fall off.

Hanging dog tags are also a great method to identify dogs and have been used for decades successfully. Pet tags can also be easily moved or replaced and are super fun for accessorizing . But tags can become hard to read sometimes, and tags can fall off or get caught on obstacles now and then. This isn't a risk with a collar that has an engraved name plate, engraved buckle or embroidered collar strap. Personalized collars are a step-up when considering practicality and safety.

A Dog Collar with ID Can't Be Substituted

Microchipping is an excellent layer of protection, but not a guarantee to get your dog home if they happen to wander. Microchips must be scanned with proprietary scanning devices usually only found at veterinary clinics or animal shelters. So even if your canine companion is microchipped, please make sure he or she is also ALWAYS wearing a dog ID tag or a collar with your name and contact information as visible as possible for someone trying to help them get home.

There are many dog tracking devices on the market too. They work great for monitoring a dog's whereabouts and activities and can also be very effective tools to help a dog get home. However, batteries go dead, the devices can be bulky for your dog and most are dependent on Wi-Fi or cell phone service, which is not always dependable. Also keep in mind, not everyone is tech-savvy, especially when out in the woods or some other remote location away from their normal technology tools. Physical identification still must also be on a dog, even if your dog wears an electronic tracking device.

Design a Unique Personalized Dog Collar

We make many styles of great looking personalized custom dog collars that are tough as nails and super comfortable for a dog to wear! We have so many options to choose from and just know you'll enjoy designing yours just the way you want.

With so many collars for dogs on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best one that truly complements your pet’s color, size, breed and personality. At dogIDs we know that every dog is unique, so we strive to offer the most customization options possible, so you can align your custom collar design with your best friend perfectly.

From giant breeds to minis, and all dog shapes, sizes and activities between, we’re here to help you choose the perfect personalized collar for your pup.

What Information Should Be Put On Personalized Dog Collars?

Well, this is a very common question we get and a very important one at that. Personalized collars are pawesome! But choosing what to have engraved or embroidered on a collar can be a difficult choice since you have a limited amount of space to work with for personalization on a collar strap, buckle or name plate.

We recommend phone numbers for sure. One is great, but multiple phone numbers is always better. Name, address, city, state, etc. are nice to include, but phone numbers are definitely most important. You want the person that finds your dog to be able to contact you ASAP, and phone numbers are still the most effective means to get in touch with a pet parent.

A last name may be helpful too at times. If you live in a community where everyone knows everyone, sometimes a familiar family name helps to get the right people in the dog-return process.

Should I Put My Name or My Dog's Name On the Collar?

Oh boy, now we're opening a can of worms that can cause heated debate. We won't go there, but we will tell you the arguments of both sides and let you choose.

  • First view: If you put the dog's name on an ID tag or collar, people will be able to gain the dog's trust and more easily steal them.

  • Second view: If you put the dog's name on an ID tag or collar, the dog will feel less stressed if they hear the finder using their name. We all like familiar, right? So do dogs.

It's personal preference. Our default answer to people is to put your family's last name and as many phone numbers as you can on the ID tag or collar.

Our Most Popular Styles...

  • Waterproof: To suit the dog who lives for lake swims and getting muddy whenever possible. If your dog is adventurous and always seems to get into the messiest and stinkiest things, you should consider a waterproof dog collar for your trailblazing pooch. Our waterproof dog collars are easy to clean and will make life easier for you...And never stink.

  • Martingales: Looking for the most humane training collar option? Try one of our martingale collars to help communicate effectively with your dog when they need corrections. A martingale dog collar is preferred by many dog trainers with good reason.

  • Reflective: A reflective dog collar is for the dawn and dusk walker. Perfect for midnight or early-morning walks. Reflective dog collars add another layer of safety for low light conditions to help keep you and your pooch safe. A reflective dog collar will also help your dog stay safe when you aren't with them as they make your dog much more visible when in headlights.

  • Leather & Faux Leather: Our leather dog collars and faux leather collars are perfect for those who love the looks of a classic leather dog collar with a name plate riveted on. We also have them without name plates if you already have a dog ID tag you want to use instead. There's just something about a good old personalized leather dog collar though. They look so classic and regal.

  • Nylon: Nylon or polypropylene (poly pro) webbing collars are great for those who prefer a super-soft and lighter weight collar with a quick release buckle. We make these collars with silky smooth yet extremely durable, thick nylon webbing and stitch them with heavy-duty nylon thread. Have personal contact info either embroidered on the strap or laser engraved on the buckle or name plate. Regardless of personalization preference, the side release buckle makes putting on and taking off easy.

  • Designer: If uniqueness is your top priority, take a look at our designer dog collar collection. Designer collars generally have multicolor designs, woven patterns and unique accents. We put a little extra unique styling into these collars.

Our Commitment to Quality

You can rest assured that a custom dog collar from dogIDs will be extremely durable and handcrafted just the way you want, with style, safety and comfort in mind. Almost every dog collar from dogIDs can be laser engraved, embroidered or paired with a traditional dog tag deeply engraved with the latest laser technology in-house.

We lifetime guarantee every dog collar we sell to ensure you that won’t have to worry about replacing them over and over to keep them easily readable. Rest easy knowing your best friend's collar will always keep them known and safely home.

Why Are dogIDs Collars the Best?

We make extremely durable yet practical, comfortable, customizable dog collars, utilizing only the highest quality USA-sourced materials and the latest personalization technology. This ensures years of durability, safety and comfort. Once you have one of our collars in-hand, you'll definitely notice the difference. Only the best for your best friend. We don't just talk the talk, we walk it.

We recognize the importance of paying close attention to the details and quality of every dog collar we make. No corner-cutting or cheap laser marking happens in our shop. We know the difference and have the right equipment, experience and skilled pack members to build high quality custom collars for dogs with highly visible and long-lasting identification.

We go the extra mile when it comes to embroidering and laser engraving. For an embroidered dog collar, we use high stitch count heavy-duty nylon thread to produce bold, long-lasting embroidery. When it comes to laser engraving, we push our lasers to the max to make sure our engraving goes deep and lasts forever.

Are dogIDs Collars Really Handmade?

It may disappoint some people that we don't use huge extravagant assembly equipment and robots, but yes, every dog collar, leash and harness we produce is handmade by our pack members in our shop at dogIDs. In fact, if it's during the day when you're reading this, odds are one of our team members is using a hammer and cutting dies to cut strap and adjusting holes or hand assembling a newly customized dog collar for some lucky pup.

dogIDs Roots

Back in the mid 90s Clint, the Founder of dogIDs, looked high and low for dog collars and custom training accessories that were the highest quality and had that special look he wanted for his working dogs. They were nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, he finally found Steve Vollmer, a local draft horse harness maker from Brainerd, MN that still used old world technology to handcraft exquisite leather horse harnesses, saddles and other custom leather horse products for companies and individuals all over the world. It just so happened that Steve also loved dogs and the art of making dog collars, leashes and dog training accessories. Finally, someone that knew how to make a leather dog collar that met his expectations! Needless to say, Clint and Steve hit it off as friends very quickly.

Old World Collar Making Practices Carried On

Clint decided to work alongside Steve in his shop for a while and learn some things about the craft that Steve mastered but was very difficult to find anywhere in the modern world. He learned many tricks of the trade along the way. No, no crazy high-tech equipment but just plain common sense and passion driven skills needed to make custom dog collars and leashes that look great, function well, last forever and convince you when you have one in-hand, that it's a quality substantial product.

The practices Clint learned are still integrated into our processes here at dogIDs and are still evident in the products we produce today. You may find a personalized dog collar or three out there that look similar to ours, but they won't have the subtle little differentiators that only we know how to create. Wisdom can only come from experience and can't be copied. You'll just have to trust us on that.

We're Here to Help You Create That Perfect Collar

Contact our expert team for help with any sizing, customization or other questions regarding any of our dog collars. Just let us know what you're looking to create. We'll help you narrow down the options and design that perfectly personalized custom dog collar you and your best friend need.