Personalized Dog Collars

Personalized Dog Collars

Custom Embroidered Emoji Collar

FUN Custom Embroidered Emoji Collars Emojis are a fun way to showcase how we are feeling during the day, whether it's easy-going like the smiley with sunglasses or a little goofy, like the winking face with tongue. We thought it would be fun to give our...

Laser Engraved Plastic Side Release Buckle

Laser Engraved Plastic Buckles If you are someone who loves to make the most out of space, you'll love these Plastic Buckles with Laser Engraving. These military grade buckles not only keep the collar intact, they also feature space for engraving...

Custom Rhinestone Leather Small Dog Collar

Custom Rhinestone Small Leather Dog Collar Gorgeous & Glam In a size perfect for small dogs, the Custom Rhinestone Leather Small Dog Collar is handcrafted by our artisan partner Kaydi in Minnesota and will have your pooch feeling like a star. With...

Embroidered Suede Dog Collar

The beautiful Embroidered Suede Dog Collar is the perfect big dog collar for medium-sized dogs and up. Each collar is made with a polyester fabric that simulates suede and comes equipped with a side release buckle for quick on and off convenience. The...

Reflective Waterproof Standard Collar

A Collar for Daytime & Nighttime Play! Our Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar is perfect for med-large dogs that never stop playing. During the day, the waterproof soft grip strap holds up to all of the water and mud that your dog can throw at it. At...

Custom Embroidered Nylon Service Dog Collar

Custom Embroidered Nylon Service Dog CollarLooking for an easy way to showcase your service dog’s status? This embroidered service dog collar is the perfect fit. Available in a variety of high-visibility color combinations, you can pick the style that...

Custom Embroidered Christmas Collars

Custom Embroidered Christmas Dog Collars Winter is drawing nearer, and the sweaters and jackets start to come out of storage in place of t-shirts and shorts. That means it’s time to make your dog’s wardrobe more season-appropriate as well,...

Mendota English Bridle Leather Safety Collar

Mendota English Bridle Leather Safety Collar for Dogs Durable in All Ways The Mendota English Bridle Leather Safety Collar for dogs is the ideal working dog leather collar, or any other active dog, because it will hold up in any sort of situation. No...

All Natural Leather Cream

Just Like New If your pet’s leather collars or leashes have worn out with time, our All Natural Leather Cream is exactly what you need to make it just like new again. This all natural leather restorative will condition your dog’s...

Custom Embroidered Medical Alert Collar

Custom Embroidered Medical Alert Collar These Embroidered Medical Alert Dog Collars are designed to easily inform people about your dog’s medical needs. In case your dog gets separated from you, people can easily take note of their special needs...

dogIDs Leather Cleaner

Spiffy in a Jiffy It’s a fact of pet owning life that sometimes our dogs like to be rough on their collars. That’s why we are now offering our dogIDs Leather Cleaner for all of your leather collar or leash cleaning needs. This leather...

Waterproof Faux Leather ScruffTag Collar

Waterproof Faux Leather ScruffTag Collar Custom Personalized Our Waterproof Faux Leather ScruffTag Dog Collar looks and feels just like real leather, but without the maintenance that leather requires. We utilize a special type of Biothane strap, which...

Custom Embroidered Saint Patrick's Day Collar

Custom Embroidered Saint Patrick's Day Collar A Pinch of Green Do you and your dog look forward to the Irish celebrations each year? If so, the Embroidered St. Patrick’s Day Dog Collar is the perfect piece of apparel for your dog to wear during...

Reflective Waterproof Safety Collar

As responsible pet owners, the best we can do is outfit our dogs with the right gear for every situation. Our Reflective Waterproof Safety Collar is the best reflective dog collar for active dogs that love to be outside during the day and night and often...

Custom Embroidered Valentine's Day Collars

Custom Embroidered Valentine's Day Dog Collars The Collar of Puppy Love Do your pooches feel the love in the air this year? Do they have a special friend they want to take to the dog park on February 14th? If so, then our Embroidered Valentine's Day Dog...

Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar

Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar Our heavy duty, yet silky smooth Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Collar features an adjustable stainless steel nameplate with two lines of personalized contact information and a QR code powered by...

Custom Embroidered Sunshine Nylon Dog Collar

Custom Embroidered Sunshine Nylon Dog Collar Pull out your flip flops and summer clothes; the dog days of summer are here! Get your four-legged friend geared up for summer fun with a Sunshine Embroidered Summer Dog Collar. These bright and adorable...

MAYA Small Slip Collar for Puppies & Small Dogs

MAYA Small Slip Collar for Puppies & Small Dogs If you have a puppy or small breed dog, like a chihuahua or Yorkie, then you need to make sure you have a stylish and functional slip collar for small dogs. For safety, comfort, and control, it is...

Embroidered Tweed Dog Collar

Custom Embroidered Tweed Dog Collar This durable, great looking Custom Embroidered Tweed Dog Collar brings an air of casual sophistication that makes it timeless and practical. Choose from blue, green, dark red, gray, and brown tweed dog collars. With...

Mendota Double Braid Collar with Center Ring

A Perfect Fit for Every Dog The Mendota Double Braid Collar with Center Ring is great for any pooch in your life. Made of soft braided polypropylene material, your dog will love wearing it every day of the week. Not only is it soft on your dog's neck,...

Extra Wide Waterproof Standard NamePlate Collar

Extra Wide Waterproof Standard NamePlate Collar This elegant, comfortable and practical custom dog collar comes in many colors, one of which is bound to look very regal on your dog, especially with an extra 1/2 inch width to make an even bolder...

Holiday Nylon ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar

‘Tis the season for your pup to wear a festive collar. The Holiday Nylon ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collar would be the perfect addition to dogs holiday wardrobe! High Quality Materials These red and green collars are made right here at...

Custom Embroidered Halloween Collars

Custom Embroidered Halloween Dog Collars Custom Built for Your Favorite Holiday It's never too early to start planning your costume! Of course, you don’t want to leave your dog out of the fun, do you? Give your four-legged friends their own holiday touch...

Personalized Dog Collars Keep Your Dog Known and Safely Home

Our personalized dog collars are the most practical option to ensure your pet is easily identified if ever lost without the finder needing to physically contact your dog or reach under his jowls to read a hanging tag...Some people are intimidated by dogs and would rather not risk getting bit or slobbered on while trying to find your contact information. A personalized dog collar with name and contact information can be much more easily noticed and read. Hanging dog ID tags are great and easily moved or replaced but they can be hard to read and can fall off or get caught on obstacles now and then. These days, even microchipping is not a guarantee to help bring your best friend home if they happen to wander. Make sure your pal’s medical information, phone numbers and address are visible to passersby to help keep your friend known and safely home. Our personalized dog collars are deeply laser engraved or boldy embroidered - easy to read, and last a lifetime, guaranteed. And we make them right here in Fargo, North Dakota - Made in USA!

Design your Custom Dog Collar with Name and Contact Information

Looking for a cool customized dog collar that lasts? We make many different styles of great looking collars that are tough as nails and super comfortable for dogs to wear! We have so many options, you can enjoy designing yours just the way you want. With so many collars on the market to decide between, it’s hard to choose the best dog collar that truly complements your pet’s color, size, and breed. dogIDs experts know that every dog is unique. From hunting dogs to minis, and even those blessed with long luxurious fur, we’re here to help you choose the perfect forever-collar.

We offer waterproof dog collars to suit the dog who lives for lake swims. For the dawn and dusk walker, our reflective dog collars are perfect for midnight or early-morning walks in the park. For those who love a classic look, our leather dog collars with an ID name plate riveted on are perfect. For dogs who prefer a super-soft collar, we have silky smooth and very heavy duty nylon dog collars with embroidered personalization, and many more styles to choose from for all dog breeds, sizes and life stages.

Our Commitment to Quality

All of our personalized dog collars are extremely durable and can be designed just the way you want for your pet’s safety and comfort. Our collars can be custom laser engraved, embroidered or paired with a unique handcrafted ID tag deeply engraved with the latest laser technology in-house. dogIDs guarantees all engraved pet ID tags and collar nameplates for the lifetime of your pet, so you won’t have to worry about replacing a collar year after year. Rest easy knowing your best friend will always be known and safely home.

We produce heavy-duty yet comfortable customizable dog collars utilizing only the highest quality USA-sourced materials and personalization technology to ensure years of durability, safety and comfort for your best friend. Once you have one of our collars in your hands, you'll definitely notice the difference...Even after decades of making dog collars, we still recognize the importance of paying close attention to quality. No corner-cutting or cheap laser marking happens in our shop! We know the difference and have the right equipment needed to build high quality collars and laser engrave tags DEEPLY. Most similar products on the market are just laser "marked" black. There is a difference - a BIG difference. We also go the extra mile when embroidering ensuring high stitch count and boldly embroidered personalization.

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