Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Collar


Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Collar

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It takes up to 3 business days to build your custom collar

  • Durable, Silky Smooth Thick Nylon Webbing
  • Up to 2 Lines of Personal Text Deeply Laser Engraved
  • Free QR Code Lifetime Membership
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel ScruffTag and D Ring
  • Available in Many Colors


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A ScruffTag Collar With QR Code Benefits

Our heavy duty, yet silky smooth Nylon QR Code ScruffTag Collar features an adjustable stainless steel nameplate with two lines of personalized contact information and a QR code powered by PingTag deeply laser engraved on it so a finder can either contact you directly if you choose to have contact information engraved on the tag or scan the QR code with their phone camera to contact you according to the preferences you have set up in your PingTag account.

It's the perfect combination of quality, safety, style, and technology. The side release military grade polymer buckle makes it extremely easy to take the collar off and put it on while still holding strong. The laser engraved QR code offers you the security of knowing your dog has proper identification at all times. The QR code is attached to a FREE PingTag membership so you can enter your contact information and update it whenever you like. If you choose to upgrade to PingTag's Premium Membership, you can enter all kinds of information about your pet, choose what information to share or keep anonymous and get instant SMS notifications and geolocations when your pet's QR code is scanned.   

Since this collar is a ScruffTag Collar your dog's nameplate will be sitting exactly where you want it to at all times for easy access to scan with any smartphone! We recommend adjusting the name plate to sit on the scruff of your dog's neck for easy identification but it's up to you. The adjustable sliding nameplate has a locking slider on each side of it to ensure the nameplate stays in the position you want it to.

How does it work?

When your dog's new QR code collar arrives, scan the QR code with any smartphone camera to set up your free Lost-and-Found PingTag membership and landing page.

If someone finds your dog, when they scan the QR code engraved on the ScruffTag with their smartphone, your contact information will come right up for them on their phone to contact you immediately.

Peace of Mind

Because your dog's contact information remains online, you can update it as often as you need to ensure that your dog is always carrying their most important information. If you choose to purchase a premium membership, you get an email notification and/or text that your pet’s QR code was scanned, how to get in touch with the finder along with a map of where your dog was when scanned. The premium membership also includes many other options to share critical information about your dog with finders and which information you want shared or hidden.

Free Lifetime QR Code Membership

Remember, your pet's QR code is free (no hidden costs, no apps to download, no sign-up fees, no annual fees for the basic storage and linking to your dog's collar QR code). When we ship your dog's QR Code ScruffTag Collar, we include simple instructions in the package with a few step-by-step directions to set up your dog's free membership and your contact details which you can update anytime...Very easy to do and can be done directly from a smartphone or computer web browser. Just scan your pet's new QR code with the camera app on your smartphone to get started.

  • Free membership with the contact information you choose to display for finders
  • Update your contact information at any time
  • Manage all of your pet profiles in one easy to use dashboard

Premium Profile Membership - Optional During Setup

  • Receive emails and text alerts without revealing your identity or contact information to anyone
  • Communicate via SMS with finders who scan your pet's QR code without revealing your identity or contact information
  • Get instant location alerts as soon as your lost pet is found and their QR code is scanned
  • Add critical information, public notes, and photos to each of your pet's QR code's landing page
  • Assign multiple contacts to your pet's QR code

You can choose to upgrade to a Premium membership when you activate your pet's new QR code. 

*Please note that we cannot make multiple QR code collars with the same code but multiple QR code tags can link to the same account.

*If you would like no personalized text engraved and only a QR code centered and maximizing the engraving space on the tag, choose the NONE font option (red slash) and leave the engraving text fields blank. Please also note this in the order comments to confirm this is how you want your tag engraved.

Product Highlights:

  • FREE lifetime PingTag QR code membership to display your contact information on a finder's smart phone
  • Optional premium membership for notifications, anonymity options and options to share images, files and more critical information about your pet with finders
  • No apps to download, no batteries, no annual contract, no extra collar for your pet to wear
  • Contoured side release buckle made from military grade polymer - Durable in all temperatures
  • Corrosion proof stainless steel D ring
  • X-box stitching - Super strong construction
  • Deeply engraved adjustable ScruffTag stainless steel name plate
  • Handmade in the USA!
  • Matches our Silky Smooth Nylon Leash

Available Collar Sizes:

  • 5/8 in x 8 - 10 in
  • 5/8 in x 10 - 12 in
  • 5/8 in x 11 - 13 in
  • 3/4 in x 9 - 12 in 
  • 3/4 in x 11 - 14 in
  • 3/4 in x 13 - 18 in
  • 1 in x 13 - 18 in
  • 1 in x 16 - 23 in
  • 1 in x 20 - 27 in
To learn more about how to size your dog's collar, check out our collar sizing guide.

Available Colors:

  • Purple
  • Burgundy - Available in 3/4 inch & 1 inch Widths Only
  • Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Red
  • Blaze Orange
  • Neon Yellow - Available in 1 inch Widths Only
  • Lime Green - Available in 3/4 inch & 1 inch Widths Only
  • Hunter Green
  • Kelly Green - Available in 3/4 in & 1 in Widths Only
  • Silver - Available in 1 in Width Only
  • Dark Grey - Available in 3/4 in & 1 in Widths Only
  • Turquoise - Available in 3/4 inch & 1 inch Widths Only
  • Blue
  • Navy Blue 
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Raspberry - Available in 3/4 inch & 1 inch Widths Only 



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