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Sizing Guides

  • How to Determine Your Dog's Collar Size
  • How To Measure Your Dog's Girth
  • How to Measure Your Dog for Dog Boots
  • How to Measure Your Dog for Skid Plates, Visi Vests & Field Jackets
  • How To Determine Your Dog's Collar Size

    We use a TRUE collar sizing system!

    All of our collars (unless otherwise noted on the product page) are measured to the center hole for a true neck size or will list the neck size range that the collar will fit.

    The measurement of your dog’s neck is the size of the collar it needs. No guesswork needed to buy a collar that fits your dog correctly and comfortably.For example, if you measure your dog’s neck and get 16”, you should pick a 16” collar OR a collar where 16” is comfortably within the size range.

    Each collar will have adjustment holes above and below the middle one, so you will also get 1-2 inches of extra adjustment in either direction.

    Simply measure your dog’s neck for the proper collar size. There should always be enough room between the pet’s neck and the collar to slip one finger between them comfortably. This ensures that the collar isn't too tight.

    Here are a few different methods for measuring your dog's neck:

    Try these methods to find your dog's Collar Size.

    Measure your dog's neck with a sewing tape.


    Wrap a string around your dogs neck. Mark the string and then measure the length of it with a ruler or tape measure.


    Remove your dog's current collar and stretch it out flat. Then measure from the center of the buckle to the current sizing hole or adjustment being used.


    In between sizes? If your dog is full grown and their measurement is in between the sizes listed, pick the smaller of the two sizes. That way, you won't have extra material hanging off of the end of the collar. If your dog is still growing, go with the larger option.

    If the collar has a size range, we recommend choosing the size range where your measurment is close to the middle of the sizes so you have room to adjust up and down.

    How To Measure Your Dog's Girth

    A variety of dog products, including harnesses and coats may be sized using a dog's girth.

    To determine your dog's girth, use a sewing tape or string to measure behind your dog's front legs to get their chest circumference. You should be measuring around your dog's rib cage about an inch or two behind the front legs.

    How To Measure Your Dog for Dog Boots

    Our dog boots are sized based on the dog's paw measurements. Follow these instructions to determine the correct size:

    1) Place your dog's foot on plain piece of paper. Make sure they are standing with their weight on the paw. Press down gently on their foot to mimick how the foot spreads when the dog is walking.

    2) Mark the left and right size of their foot on the paper. Measure the distance between the marks.

    3) Add 1/4" to that measurement and compare to the sizes listed.

    How to Measure Your Dog for Skid Plates, Visi-Vests & Field Jackets

    Protective Clothing Sizing Charts pdf file Nameplate Installation Instructions - Very Easy!

    Not sure what size Skid Plate, Visi-Vest or Field Jacket to order for your dog? Click on the link to the right to open our Protective Clothing Sizing Charts for assistance.

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