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What should I engrave on my dog's tag?

We would recommend putting the most important information to get your dog home on the tag. For some people, that might mean the dog’s name and your name. For some, that might mean an address or phone number. If your dog has special needs such as medical conditions, medications or diet restrictions, you might want to list that too. If you're unsure of what to have engraved or embroidered on your dog's tag or collar, we always recommend phone numbers...The more phone numbers the better.

How does your laser engraving work?

At dogIDs, we use fiber laser technology to personalize our tags, collars and buckles. This method provides a deep engrave that comes out as dark brown on most metals and an off-white on plastic and aluminum. It is a deep engraved mark that actually removes metal, hardens the remaining surface underneath and will not rub off over time.

Will the engraving rub off over time?

No, it should not. We use high power lasers to engrave our tags which vaporizes and removes the metal so it is actually engraving instead of just marking or laser bonding. It’s done very deeply using a fiber laser and guaranteed to last for the life of your pet. If it doesn’t, let us know and we will happily replace it for you.

Do your collars & leashes come in sets?

Yes! We sell a few bundles of collars, leashes and tags that can be found in our collar categories. We also give you the option of bundling the matching leash on the product page if it’s available. With our bundle options, you can save up to 20% on leashes by bundling them with the collar.

What is the difference between gold, nickel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum tags?

Most of our dog tags are available in a variety of metal types. Stainless steel and nickel plated tags are silver in color and match stainless steel hardware. Brass and gold plated tags are gold in color and match brass hardware.

If you’re looking for a matte look, with less shine but more durability, we would recommend stainless steel and brass. Stainless steel also will not tarnish, so it requires no upkeep. With brass, you will need use brass cleaner over time to keep it looking new, unless you prefer the tarnished look.

Our gold and nickel-plated tags are very shiny and look a bit more upscale. However, they are susceptible to scratches because of their shine.

We also offer a few dog tags in colored aluminum. These tags are very lightweight and the engraving comes out in white for a unique look. They are the softest of the metal tags we offer, and therefore they aren’t quite as durable.

What is a slow feed dog bowl?

A slow feed bowl is a feeding bowl that’s specially designed specifically to slow down your dog’s eating. There are a variety of issues that can comes from your dog eating too quickly and this can help prevent this.

Check out our informational video to learn more.

Is your stainless steel hardware magnetic?

The answer is that it depends on the hardware. Stainless steel is not a pure magnetic metal, it's a catch all name of sorts for a steel alloy that is mixed with other metals. These other metals help to give it the characteristics that make it such a great alloy, like corrosion resistance. Usually it's the amount of one of these metals, chromium, that will give the stainless steel magnetic properties. Depending on the amount of chromium in the stainless steel alloy, it may or may not be magnetic. We use durable stainless steel hardware from a few different suppliers depending on the item, so some of our stainless steel has more chromium in it than others. Therefore, some of the hardware may be magnetic, but not all of it. 

How do I choose the right collar for my dog?

We get this question a lot. We have a huge selection of collars and sometimes it can be daunting to decide which one is best. We decided to create a blog post that breaks it down well for dog owners, whether they are a first-time pet parent or have been caring for many pets throughout the years. You can read it here.

What is a ScruffTag Collar?

The ScruffTag is a trademark design exclusive to dogIDs. It’s a personalized nameplate that’s built right into the collar and designed to sit right on the “scruff” of the dog’s neck. This means that your dog’s information will always be easy to read. If a stranger were to find them, they could easily take down the number or address to return your dog, without worrying about digging under their neck for hanging tags. We carry ScruffTag Dog Collars in a variety of options from nylon and waterproof to leather and reflective.

Why are your collars so expensive?

All dogIDs collars are made with durability and quality in mind. We don’t skimp on materials or labor, as most collars are made in the USA right here at our Fargo workshop. We guarantee the collars for the lifetime of your dog because we put the time and care into making sure we can fulfill that guarantee. Our collars may cost more than the ones you can find in big box stores but they are personalized and they won’t need to be replaced.

What is a martingale dog collar?

A martingale is a type of collar that provides added control over dogs without choking them. It’s made with 2 loops. The larger loop is adjustable and gets placed around the dog’s neck in a comfortable, loose fit. The smaller loop or control loop has a D-ring on it that you would clip the leash to. When the dog pulls, the tension from the leash would tighten the control loop, making the large loop tighten as well. It won’t choke the dog, but will get very snug just behind their ears until they stop pulling. Martingale collars work great for dogs in training as well as dogs with sensitive skin. Normal collars are tight on the dog’s neck all the time. The martingale hangs loose and comfortably until it’s tightened.

Check out our video to learn more about how a martingale collar works.

What is a slip collar?

The slip collar is a design of collar that’s designed as a loop that tightens when your dog pulls. It applies pressure to the dog’s neck to discourage them from pulling. To use properly, it should be loose and comfortable when the dog is at rest, and when it gets tightened by the dog, you should do a quick jerk and then immediately release. This way, the dog becomes conditioned against pulling but won’t be harmed.

What is a safety or center ring collar?

A safety or center ring collar is any collar where an O-ring is built into the collar in the middle of the strap. This ring is there for protect your dog from choking hazards. The ring provides an extra pivot and pressure point for the collar if your dog’s collar gets hung up on something like brush, their crate, another dog, etc.

To learn more about safety collars, check out our informational video.

How do I adjust my nylon dog collar?

What is a martingale leash?

A martingale leash works similarly to a martingale collar. It has two sides that tighten when the dog pulls, instead of one like on a slip leash. This way, the dog feels the pressure when they pull but don’t get choked. When it’s not in use, it is loose, making it very easy to put on and take off. This style of leash is popular with dog rescues, as the dog doesn’t need to wear a collar while using it.

What is a slip leash?

A slip leash works similarly to a slip collar. The loop will tighten momentarily when your dog pulls, but will stay loose and comfortable when loose leash walking. This leash is a favorite of dog shelters as it’s easy to put on and take off the dog and you don’t need to have a dog collar on the dog to use it.

What is a snap leash?

A snap leash is a more traditional style of leash, where there is a handle on one end and a snap on the other. The snap attaches to the D-ring on the collar so that you can walk your dog securely.