Dog Beds

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Smart Pup Waterproof Lounger Dog Bed

This Smart Pup Waterproof Lounger Dog Bed has everything that your dog could ever dream of in a dog bed. Waterproof Made out of suede material, this lounger dog bed is completely waterproof. No drool, water, snot or liquid will leak through this...
Personalized Microfiber Kuddle Lounge Dog Bed - Spa Blue

Personalized Microfiber Kuddle Lounge Dog Bed

Check out the Embroidered Microfiber Kuddle Lounge Dog Bed for the new name in puppy luxury! Good for Your Pup & the Earth The easy step-in design makes it perfect for any pet - even puppies and arthritic dogs. The velvet microfiber bolsters...
Personalized Cashmere Berber Dog Bed Sage with Yellow Lab

Personalized Cashmere Berber Dog Bed

The Personalized Cashmere Embroidered Dog Bed is perfect for warm or cool weather. Use the warm, cashmere berber top for cooler weather and reverse it to the cool twill covering for those warmer days. You are sure to enjoy the ease of the zippered cover...

Heyday Microsuede Dog Bed by WestPaw

The Heyday Bed with Microsuede by WestPaw is not only stylish but comfortable and durable. Made in the USA and hand sewn, this microsuede pillow dog bed is designed to help your dog sleep well. Perfect for travel, fits well in dog crates, and...

Big Sky Dog Blanket by West Paw

Buy two of these blankets because you're going to want one for yourself! The Big Sky Blanket by West Paw is the perfect throw for your pup to snuggle up on and works great for protecting your furniture and even the seats in your vehicle. This...

Large Heating & Cooling Pet Bed

Humans use hot pads and cold packs to help their bodies recover from aches and pains, so why not offer that therapy to your pet With a cooling and warming pad for your large dog, you can treat them like a King or Queen every night after a long day of...

Wash 'N Zip Washable Dog Bed

Use the Wash ‘N Zip Washable Dog Bed as a dog bed or unzip it for use as a furniture protector, dog blanket, or vehicle seat cover. Beyond versatility, this bed is also ideal for flea prevention and odor control. Truly Washable Inside and...

Eco-Friendly Dog Mat by West Paw

Dogs can rest easy on our stylish and earth friendly Eco-Friendly Dog Mat by West Paw. Use this mat as a crate pad, travel bed or furniture cover. Though the dog mat may be "green," it comes in 12 vibrant color options to match your decor. Choose from...

Medium Heating & Cooling Pet Bed

Your dog deserves the best therapy after playing hard outside or going for a long walk. Why not show them how much you care by treating them to a bed that serves as a warming or cooling pad. This hot and cold pet bed is small enough that it’s...

Small Heating & Cooling Pet Bed

If your dog works hard in the summer and the winter, treat them to a soothing rest afterward with the Heating and Cooling Dog Bed for Small Dogs. This unique dog bed can easily change from a heated pet bed to a cooling pet bed. The hot and cold mat is...

Heating & Cooling Pet Bed Insert with Gel Pack

Our Heating and Cooling Pet Beds are a great solution for dogs young and old that need a little extra TLC when they get home from their adventures. If you already have a hot and cold bed and would like to get some backup gel pack inserts for heating or...

Beds for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

You’ll be happy to know you’ve found a great selection of the best dog beds on the market.

No matter how big or tiny your pooch is, it needs a special place to sleep. We have many quality bed, mat and pad options for all dog sizes.

Dog beds come in especially handy when you have a big dog that sleeps in the house. We know you love your dog and maybe even let him sleep in bed with you, but is it really worth sleeping in an odd position and causing yourself pain and discomfort? Probably not.

Give your large dog her own special bed and you’ll both sleep better! You can even place the pet bed on the floor in your bedroom so your “pack” stays together.

Health Benefits for Your Pet

Buying a high quality and comfortable bed with good orthopedic support for your dog may be one of the best investments you make for your best friend.

Whether you have a puppy, an injured dog or an aging dog, you’ll sleep better knowing it is spending all of those dreaming hours on a surface made to support canines.

Customized Dog Beds

The great part about our dog beds is that some can even be personalized. Customization like this adds a definite touch of class to your pet’s sleeping place.

You can choose to have their entire name or something else fun embroidered on the bed. Or you could personalize your dog’s bed with your pet’s initials for the popular monogrammed look.

Pet Beds with Style!

We realize that the style and look of a dog bed is important. A pet bed is often a very visible feature in your living room, bedroom or family area. That’s why we are very selective about which beds we offer in our store; you’ll find the best dog bed for your home.

We offer dog couches for larger spaces and simple mats for smaller spaces or crates. 

Want something with a little more style? Our Posh Pup designer dog beds are a great option if you want a quality bed that also is durable with support. 

Why Shop

We are focused on making, finding and sharing high-quality dog products. We are all about furry friends and even have a company spokesdog!

We’re proud of the customer service we offer and encourage you to give us a call or email us with any questions you might have.