Dog Collar Name Plates

Dog Collar Name Plates

Rivet-On and Slide-On Nameplates for Dog Collars

If you prefer the classy look and convenience of a personalized collar over a dog tag, then a dog collar name plate is an excellent option for you and your pooch. Our name plates can be easily installed on any flat strap collar with our easy to use two piece rivets. Our nameplates can also be easily attached to your dog's harness or leash. Dog collar name plates provide reliable identification to keep your dog known and safely home, and they won’t ever fall off like some dangling tags can.

Our engraved dog collar name plates look classy and we deeply engrave them to ensure your contact information never wears off. Another safety benefit of collar name plates is that they won't get caught on obstacles while your dog is out exploring. dogIDs name plates are available in thick solid brass or stainless steel so they are extremely durable.

Make It a Name Plate With No Jingle Noise

Our customized dog collar name plates are eye-catching, convenient, and quiet. Pick out a rivet-on name plate with two-piece rivets to install on your dog's collar, or opt for a slide-on nameplate with small slots through which you can thread a collar or leash. Either of these styles ensures your pooch won't jingle-jangle every time he or she walks around the house or gets a drink of water.

Just in case you need a few more two-piece rivets to have on hand, we sell those too. With our help, you can ensure that your best friend always has his or her ID on them.

Imagine the peace and quiet you'll have with a tag that doesn't jingle on your dog's collar. Find a dog collar name plate at dogIDs today.