5 Tips for Choosing the Right Rescue Dog

Doberman Mixed Breed Senior Dog with Ear perked up

Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding decisions a dog lover can make, and there is no shortage of dogs in need of homes.

But how do you choose the “best” dog for you and your family?

The following are some tips to get you started.

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October is Adopt-A-Dog Month.

Many people have heard the phrase “Adopt, don’t shop” as soon as they mention that they would like to get a dog. But have you ever wondered why people feel so strongly about this phrase? October is Adopt-A-Dog month. This month become a pet parent to an animal in need.



For help finding a new pup to join your family check out your local shelters, or sites like Pet Finder to help you.

Our New Paw It Forward Pals.

Here at dogIDs, we take pride in helping organizations that help improve the lives of dogs.

We recently paired up with Military Working Dog Team Support Association Inc., an organization that helps send supplies to the dog teams in our military through our “Paw it Forward” program. Through this program, customers can choose to donate money to this organization when completing their purchase order. We are very excited to help out such a deserving organization.


More about Military Working Dog Team Support Association Inc.

Founded in 2007, Military Working Dog Team Support Association Inc. is an all volunteer, non profit organization whose missions are to support military working dog teams, veteran dog handlers, retired military dogs and war dog memorials. Four times a year, care packages are sent to active military dog teams. Each care package includes items for both the dog and its handler.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Nathan Goedert and his military working dog Jacob.


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What to Expect When Owning a Deaf Pet.

Every dog deserves a chance at adoption. Often times pets with medical issues are overlooked, but our friend, Christina Lee, at Deaf Dogs Rock is trying to change the views on adopting deaf dogs.

What is it like to own a deaf pet? 

Owning a deaf dog isn’t that much different from owning a hearing dog. We look at it from the stand point of our deaf dogs are 1. Dogs first 2. a Breed second  3. Deaf third. This way we don’t feel sorry for them and we treat them just like our hearing dogs. The training is also very much the same with the exception of a few tweaks in our training program.

What should you know when adopting a deaf pet? 

I think people should know owning a deaf dog is not for the faint of heart. If they are thinking of adopting a deaf dog there is a certain level of  time commitment, responsibility and advocacy that comes along with adopting a deaf dog. I get so many emails every single day of owners trying to rehome their 9-14 month old deaf dogs because they liked the idea of rescuing a deaf dog but they never ever followed through on the training or socializing. When a puppy is around 10 months old and out of control, they don’t want to deal with it anymore so they try to find it a new home. We are very lucky we have people who are willing to help a older puppy with patience, love and training to help the pup become the best he/she can be. [Read more…]

What are the First Things You Should Teach a New Puppy?

Springer Spaniel Puppy Sitting in Grass
“Start training right away.”

That’s what you’ll hear if you add a new puppy to your family.

Good advice, but also overwhelming.

Puppies need to learn their names and basic commands but also how to walk on a leash, where to go potty and how to interact with other pets.

Where to even begin?

I turned to four experienced dog trainers and asked for their tips. You can’t go wrong teaching your puppy the following concepts right away, along with some of the basics, like potty training.

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