Engraved Buckle Collars

Custom Engraved Buckle Collars for Dogs

So, back in 2010, dogIDs started personalizing dog collar side release buckles by laser engraving customer contact information directly on the front of the buckle. Our customers really liked the idea of a dog collar with a personalized buckle, as it eliminated the need for a dog ID tag, name plate or other identification on the dog's collar, and because quick release buckles are so handy. It's not quite as visible as embroidered collars or a ScruffTag collar but it is very convenient and simple with minimal moving parts.

It obviously caught on swiftly as personalized buckle collars have become very popular. Were we the first to do this type of dog collar personalization? Maybe, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that we've had many years experience developing and making this type of personalized collar our own high quality way from scratch.

Quality Personalized Buckles Over Quantity

We still engrave personalized dog collar buckles deeply and therefore are very choosy about which buckles we use for this process. The metal buckles we use must be able to withstand the high heat conditions we expose them to with our lasers so the buckle plating doesn't peel or crack over time and we also only use metal buckles that we've thoroughly field tested to make sure they stay latched no matter what our dogs put them through. When it comes to plastic or polymer dog collar buckles, the same applies. They have to be super durable so we can ensure our customers that the engraved information will stay legible for many years and the buckles will stay tough as nails as well.