Reflective Waterproof Engraved Dog Collar

Reflective Waterproof Engraved Dog Collar


It takes up to 3 business days to build your custom collar.

  • Durable, Odor Resistant, and Waterproof
  • Scotchlite Reflective Strip Keeps Dog Safe
  • Laser Engraving Guaranteed for Life of Pet
  • Recommended for Medium-Large Dogs
  • Made in the USA
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We recommend nickel rivets for any dogs that primarily live near fresh water. For ocean or pool-loving dogs, choose stainless steel.
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Engraved Reflective Waterproof Soft Grip Dog Collars

These lightweight, personalized dog collars are perfect for every occasion from hunting in the field to a leisurely evening walk. Personalize the reflective strip with engraving to keep your dog safe no matter their activity. 

Durable Materials

Each collar is made out of a BioThane Beta strap. The BioThane Beta strap is made of poly coated nylon webbing, which means it is tough, waterproof and odor resistant! The strap is built for extreme temperature changes and is guaranteed not to crack due to heat or cold.

The Engraved Reflective Personalized Dog Collar also boasts non-corrosive hardware. These collars can be worn in the lake or ocean and the hardware will never corrode. 

Even better, our new soft grip Reflective Beta strap is super soft and smooth to the touch - meaning it will be comfy on your dog's neck. 

Reflective Collars: Peace of Mind

The reflective strap on these collars makes them perfect for early morning or evening bike rides or walks. They also work great for spotting your dog in the yard or an open field.

Personalized Engraving

If a collar that is safe, waterproof, odor resistant, and has non-corrosive hardware isn't enough, your dog's identification information will also be engraved directly into the reflective strip of the collar. Eliminate the worry of your dog losing her hanging tags and have peace of mind knowing that your phone number and dog's name will stand out on the reflective collar.

Our professional laser engraving staff has worked countless hours to perfect these collars and has given them the precise contrast that will make your dog's contact information easy to read. We guarantee the engraving on this collar for the life of your pet. Choose from 13 font options for your dog's name and contact phone number. 

Product Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Reflective for Safety
  • Engraved for Peace of Mind and Convenience
  • Fits Dog Name and Owner Phone Number in Choice of 13 Fonts
  • Six Color Options to Choose From
  • Non-Corrosive Hardware
  • Not recommended for toy or small breeds. Hardware and width are too large
  • 5 Adjustment Holes for a Guaranteed Fit
  • Engraving Guaranteed for Life

Available Collar Sizes:

  • 1 in x 14 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 12-16 Inches
  • 1 in x 16 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 14-18 Inches 
  • 1 in x 18 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 16-20 Inches
  • 1 in x 20 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 18-22 Inches
  • 1 in x 22 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 20-24 Inches
  • 1 in x 24 in - Fits Neck Sizes of 22-26 Inches
To learn more about how to size your dog's collar, check out our collar sizing guide.

Available in the following colors:

  • Black 
  • Red
  • Green
  • Orange 
  • Blue 
  • Pink
Caring for your Soft Grip Collar is easy! Watch our short video on Cleaning Your Soft Grip Collars & Leashes for care instructions. 
Choosing the Right Rivet for Your Dog's Lifestyle
Our waterproof collars are assembled using nickel rivets or stainless steel rivets. Nickel rivets are durable, easy to install and work great for dogs that play in fresh water. However, due to their metal properties, they can corrode when exposed to chlorine or salt water.
Stainless Steel rivets are corrosion-proof and perfect for dogs that swim in a pool or the ocean. However, stainless steel is a harder metal, which makes it more difficult to work with and more expensive. If you choose stainless steel rivets, there will be a $4.00 upcharge.



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