Waterproof Jaeger Lead

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Waterproof Jaeger Lead


It takes up to 3 business days to build your custom leash.

  • Adjustable leash sizes
  • Add Leash Extensions
  • 16 Color Options
  • Use it hands free or as a regular leash
  • Waterproof & Odor Proof (except pesky skunks!)
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Ever wished you had more hands, or a different type of leash on you? The Jaeger Lead offers the perfect solution. This universal leash can be used a multitude of ways, including hands-free!
For Dogs on the Go
The Jaeger Lead is perfect for dogs who go everywhere with their owners. Whether you’re an avid hunter tired of juggling hunting supplies along with your trusty gundog’s lead, or a runner who needs a hands-free option for exercising with your best friend, the Jaeger Lead has you covered. And for the dog whose favorite pastime is shopping with mom, the Jaeger Lead makes it easy to push a cart and bring your pup along!
Make it Your Own

This leash is truly everything you will ever need. Not only is this dog leash available in 16 vibrant colors, it can be used in a multitude of ways, so get creative! It has three D-rings, and a floating O-ring, allowing for many uses including:
  • Hands-Free Over the Shoulder/Sash Lead
  • Traffic Leash
  • Regular Leash
  • Slip Lead
The D-ring in the middle also allows this leash to be used with other leashes or extendersChoose from 6ft or 8ft total lengthThe 6' length is intended for people with smaller stature and the 8' length is intended for those of us with medium to larger stature. Even better, this leash is waterproof, odor-proof, and the D-Rings are stainless steel. Due to the current metal shortage, all other hardware is nickel plated.

Product Highlights

  • Hands-free walking
  • Multiple D-rings and a Floating O-ring
  • Available in 16 Colors
  • Waterproof & Odor-Proof (with the exception of those pesky skunks!)
  • Made in the USA


  • Brown
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Wine
  • Blaze Orange
  • Bright Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Coral
  • Magenta
  • Pink
  • Teal
  • Hunter Green
  • Yellow
  • White


  • 3/4 in Wide x 6 ft Long (total length of leash)
  • 3/4 in Wide x 8 ft Long (total length of leash)