3 Benefits of Using a Martingale Collar For Your Dog

3 Benefits of Using a Martingale Collar For Your Dog

New dog owners often have to decide which collar is going to be best for their furry addition. When choosing a collar, there has recently been an increase in popularity for martingale collars, otherwise known as backout collars or limited slip collars. Martingale collars have two loops that allow you to have more control over your dog. One loop serves as the main collar strap around your dog's neck. The other loop is what fastens to a leash and acts as the sliding loop, and when pulled, tightens the main strap around your dog's neck. Hence, some people call this a limited slip collar as there is a slip function. Unlike slip collars though, the loop can only slide so much, whereas a slip collar can keep tightening without limit.3 Benefits of Using a Martingale Collar:

1. Safety First

Your pet’s safety is a priority in every situation. First-time pet owners often forget that dogs can back out or slip out of their collars way to easily. If a dog gets loose from their collar a lot of harm can come to them. With a martingale collar, the larger loop on the collar will tighten if the dog tries to back out. This feature is great for certain breeds that typically have a head that is smaller than their neck or have fine, softer hair. Your dog will have nothing but comfort around their neck when wearing a martingale collar as they are more gentle than choke collars or slip collars with prongs.

2. More Control

Martingale collars are great for training. They allow you to have more control over your pup when outside on walks. A limited slip collar is able to adapt to rapidly changing situations as the collar has two loops. When your pooch is relaxed and calm the collar will lay comfortably with slack, but when your dog is ready to go and starts to pull, then the collar will tighten up to control their movement. This allows you to have ultimate control over your dog in any environment.

3. Less Pressure

Walking your furry friend with no pressure on their neck is extremely important. You want to apply the least amount of pressure towards your dog’s neck as possible to avoid injury. Martingales are ideal, as they distribute the pressure evenly around the neck.


The best part about martingale collars is they come in a variety of styles to choose from. Each style lets you personalize the collar to hold all your dog’s information without any tags. This ensures your pet is safe and has identification on at all times.

Our Favorite Martingales:

Embroidered Martingale Collar

An Embroidered Martingale Collar allows you to embroider your furry friend’s information right on the collar. Having the information right on the collar allows for easy accessibility and readability, even when the collar is expanding and contracting. With a variety of color combinations, you are sure to find a collar that will fit your pet’s personality.Dog wearing a martingale collar

Personalized Buckle Martingale Collar

Made with a personalized buckle, this Martingale collar allows you to quickly remove your dog’s collar in any sticky situation. The best part is your dog’s information is engraved right on the buckle. Made of super soft nylon, your dog is sure to have ultimate comfort in this martingale collar.Dog wearing a personalized buckle martingale collar

Waterproof Martingale Collars

dogIDs also offers a waterproof martingale collar, great for any dog that loves to play at the lake or ocean. This offers the same benefits of a martingale collar, but with a belt-buckle style opening and closing.Would your dog benefit from a martingale collar?

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Jul 27, 2023 Tara Peters

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