River's Picks

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Leather Pup Pack

Leather Pup Pack: Personalized Leather Dog Collar and Leash! We're pretty proud of our ScruffTag personalized leather dog collars, handcrafted right here in the USA! So we've put together a kit bundle to upgrade your pup's look all in one. Each...

Limited Edition Waterproof ScruffTag Collar

LIMITED EDITION! Lilac Waterproof Softgrip ScruffTag Collar and Matching Leash This flowery Waterproof ScruffTag Collar will have your pup looking fabulous this summer. It's a limited edition color, so get it while we have it. Once it's gone, it's gone!...

Nylon Pup Pack

Nylon Pup Pack: 2-Piece Matching Nylon Collar and Leash Set If you’re adding a new furball to your family, you can’t go wrong with a stylish nylon collar and leash set that can fit dogs of most sizes. Adding to your family is exciting, but...

Waterproof Pup Pack

Waterproof Dog Pup Pack: Matching Personalized Dog Collar and Leash Our vibrant Waterproof Dog Pup Pack will have you and your pup ready to take on puddles, rain, and all the splashies! This is a personalized dog collar and leash set that isn’t...

River the Lab is our SpokesDog. He inspires us to create products perfect for all pets! River has picked out his favorite dogIDs products for puppies. They need specific dog tags, collars and accessories to make their new life in your home as safe and fun as possible.