AirTag Holder for Dog Collars


AirTag Holder for Dog Collars

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  • Made for **Apple AirTag (**AirTag Not Included)
  • More secure attachment than hanging holders
  • Fits up to 1" Width Collars
  • Durable Silicone Material
  • Water-Resistant Design
  • Super easy and quick installation


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  • Product Description

AirTag Holder for Dog Collars - Find Your Dog Anywhere, Anytime.

Using the dogIDs Apple AirTag Holder for Dog Collars ensures that you can always see where your furry friend is by simply using the Find My app. The AirTag can be used by anyone to alert you of your lost pet, or they can use your personalized info to get in touch! This is the perfect gadget to help you always keep tabs on your pup! Our dog collar AirTag Holder holds an AirTag securely to the strap of a dog collar preventing it from falling off or water intrusion much more effectively than hanging AirTag holders that dangle and can get caught on obstacles.

How it Works

The Apple AirTag (not included) works by sending out secure, anonymous, and encrypted Bluetooth signals through other Apple devices to the Find My network. This will not work well in remote or rural environments or anywhere "off the grid". But for those of us in populated areas in close proximity to other Apple devices this is a great widget for your pet!

Read more about how it works and get your own AirTag here

Installing the AirTag is super simple. There is a friction fit pocket on the back of the silicone holder that the Apple AirTag fits into perfectly and securely. Just pop it in. No tools required!

Water-Resistant and Easy to Install 

While the Apple AirTag is water resistant on its own, this case provides an extra layer of protection against water, mud and scratches on all of your four-legged adventures. Simply pop your AirTag inside the silicone case, we recommend leaving the white side exposed through the hole. Then string your collar through the side loops so that the exposed side of the airtag is against the collar, this will ensure that the AirTag is protected and stays in place.

Most Secure Way to Attach an AirTag to a Dog Collar

Our AirTag Holder for dog collars is made of stretchy and very durable silicone which allows it to be installed on many different styles of collars, right on the collar strap. Having the AirTag installed securely against the collar strap is a much more effective way to make sure your dog's AirTag stays in place as hanging AirTag holders can catch on obstacles potentially causing them to fall off of the collar or worse yet, cause your dog to get stuck to obstacles. They are also silent! No dangling AirTag clanging against water and food bowls or making noise as they folic around your home.

How to Care for Your Item

The silicone material is naturally stink-free and easy to clean. Simply use water to rinse off any dirt or mud, if needed wash with Mild Soap and Warm Water, no need to use harsh cleaners or abrasive brushing.


Length: 2 1/4" Width: 1 5/16" Thickness: 3/8"



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