Biothane Waterproof Strap Products

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Biothane Products 

One of our favorite materials for collars and leashes is Biothane Beta Super Heavy strap. Biothane is waterproof and weather resistant. Collars made from Biothane are flexible and sturdy, making them a great option for active dogs who get into everything. Biothane Beta Super Heavy is a premium product and the difference is quite substantial once you hold it in your hand and compare to other similar materials.


Our Biothane products include Waterproof ScruffTag Collars, Waterproof Leashes, Waterproof NamePlate Collars, & Reflective Waterproof Collars & Leashes. All dogIDs Biothane and Biothane Beta products come with an option for personalization and are guaranteed for the life of your pet.


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Small dog wearing hunter green waterproof dog collar in lake