56 Homemade Dog Food Recipes


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Hannah is the Marketing Manager at dogIDs. She spends most of her time focused on emails, digital ads and social media. Hannah is a dog lover and can talk for hours about her furry nephews and nieces. She hopes to have a furry friend of her own very soon!

  1. […] We aren’t here to tell you what to do. All humans are different, just like all dogs are different, one diet doesn’t work for all humans, and one way of preparing food doesn’t work for all types of dogs. We are here to give you options! To open your mind and to generate questions! Read the rest of the post here…..https://www.dogids.com/blog/dog-food-recipes/ […]

  2. Thank you so much for the recipes. Loved the article. But could you tell me how many servings/meals are the recipes for (4 pound chicken etc isnt for each meal, right?)

    • Some dogs have difficulty digesting peas and they can make them gassy. They are ok for the most part but try to avoid them if you can.

  3. Where can I purchase kelp powder, and what form of coconut oil should be used. I’ve noticed a lot of different ones out there.

      • Hi Hannah, just wondering if kelp powder is safe for dogs? Asking because I read Michele fords comment above on leafy greens not being safe for dogs and you replied that that information was correct. Is it different giving it in a powder form? Thank you for yr informative blog I enjoy reading the many different articles, keep up the good work🐕🐶🐾

  4. Kelp is okay for dogs it’s listed in many of the high end commercial dog foods I used to buy. Kale on the other hand can cause bladder and kidney stones and should not be fed to dogs


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