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Dog Bowls & Feeding Accessories

53 Products Available
Dogs love to eat and drink no matter where they are. Keep your dog healthy by having the best dog bowls and dog feeders for at home and on the road. Find the right pet bowl for you right here and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.
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Personalized Stainless Steel "Not So Fast" Dog BowlPersonalized Stainless Steel "Not So Fast" Dog BowlAs low as: $20.00

9 reviews

Personalized Paws & Bones Waterproof Dog Food MatPersonalized Paws & Bones Waterproof Dog Food MatAs low as: $48.00

1 reviews

Personalized Dog Food Travel BagPersonalized Dog Food Travel BagAs low as: $39.00

3 reviews

Baron Double Elevated Dog BowlsBaron Double Elevated Dog BowlsAs low as: $75.00

1 reviews

Bone Single Elevated Dog BowlBone Single Elevated Dog BowlAs low as: $44.00

3 reviews

Bone Triple Bowl DinerBone Triple Bowl DinerAs low as: $64.00
Mesh Single Elevated Dog BowlMesh Single Elevated Dog BowlAs low as: $49.00

2 reviews

Mesh Triple Bowl DinerMesh Triple Bowl DinerAs low as: $64.00
Regal Single Elevated Dog BowlRegal Single Elevated Dog BowlAs low as: $49.00

2 reviews

Regal Double Elevated Dog BowlsRegal Double Elevated Dog BowlsAs low as: $59.00

3 reviews

Arbor Double DinerArbor Double DinerAs low as: $54.00

1 reviews

Bistro Menu Dog Food MatBistro Menu Dog Food MatAs low as: $35.00
Butterfly Double Elevated Dog BowlButterfly Double Elevated Dog BowlAs low as: $54.00

1 reviews

Chariot Double Elevated Dog BowlsChariot Double Elevated Dog BowlsAs low as: $54.00

1 reviews

Dirty Dog DoormatDirty Dog DoormatAs low as: $30.00
Dirty Dog Doormat RunnerDirty Dog Doormat RunnerAs low as: $90.00
Dog in a Box Floor MatDog in a Box Floor MatAs low as: $35.00
Libro Double DinersLibro Double DinersAs low as: $94.00

1 reviews

Mendota Collapsible Dog DishMendota Collapsible Dog DishAs low as: $12.00

1 reviews

Noblesse Double DinersNoblesse Double DinersAs low as: $64.00

1 reviews

Oval Cross Double Elevated Dog BowlOval Cross Double Elevated Dog BowlAs low as: $54.00

2 reviews

Painted Pointers Dog MatPainted Pointers Dog MatAs low as: $35.00
Items 1-36 of 53

How to Choose the Best Pet Bowl

Is your dog a fast or messy eater?

We have dog bowls to help pets that gobble down their food quickly and make a huge mess. Our “Not So Fast” dog food bowls have a raised circle in the middle, making it a little more challenging for your dog to get his food, forcing him to slow down.

Our “No Spill” dog bowl is tip-resistant and has a splash-proof design to cut down on the cleaning you have to do when your dog is done eating.

Is your dog aging or injured?

We have a wide selection of elevated dog feeders for your pet. Raised dog dishes make the eating position more comfortable for your dog by bringing the food and water higher and closer to their mouths. These are a great option for aging, injured or arthritic dogs.

The elevated bowls also come in double diner options to keep food and water in one clean and organized place.

Is your dog your travel buddy?

We have a pet food container that can hold up to 14 pounds of food for your road trip. We also have a great selection of travel or collapsible bowls for dogs and other dog feeding accessories that will make your travels together easier for you.

How big of a dog water bowl do you need?

Most people know how much food their dog bowls need to hold, thanks to feeding amount charts on dog food bags or “friendly” reminders from your vet. But knowing how much water to give your dog each morning is less obvious.

Each day, dogs drink about one ounce of water per pound of their body weight. So if you have a 25-pound dog, make sure your water bowl holds at least 25 ounces of water. That would mean a one-liter bowl would work well for you.

Match your home decor or style

We have pet bowl choices in various styles to match your home decor needs.

Our elevated dog bowls really give you decoration-friendly options. Some are made out of wood; others are made out of metal. Some have modern, sleek designs and others are more traditional.

Why Shop at dogIDs?

Our goal at dogIDs is to help you build a great relationship with your pet while keeping her happy, healthy and safe. We create and find products to supply that will help you along the way.

We’re a small, family-led business in North Dakota and we love taking your calls and answering your questions. Simply contact us at 800-720-8247 if you need to talk through a purchase decision. We’d love to help.

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