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Martingale Leashes

Simple to use and easy to look at, our selection of USA made martingale leashes are a great option for walks, training and shows.
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Items 1-3 of 3

What is a Martingale Dog Leash?

A martingale dog leash works in a similar fashion to a martingale collar. It has two small loops around a big loop and when your dog pulls, the small loops tighten, which applies pressure to your dog’s neck to remind them to change their behavior.

However, when your dog is at rest or loose leash walking, the martingale leash will lie comfortably on their neck and provide the correct amount of control for you, the walker.

Easy to Use, Easy to Love

Martingale leads are also super easy to put on and take off, especially for quick jaunts out of the house. It acts as sort of a leash and collar combo for quick trips. Simply loosen the large loop and slip it over your dog’s head.

Martingale are a favorite of show dog owners, dog trainers and animal rescue volunteers for their beauty, ease, and practicality. Our martingale leads by Mendota feature a leather adjustment slide that prevents your dog from slipping out of their leash during training.

Don’t Forget the Collar!

For quick trips and short walks, martingale dog leads are a great option, but they are no substitute for a dog collar. We would still recommend outfitting your dog with a personalized dog collar that they can wear all of the time in case they get away and need to be returned home. Having your contact information on the collar itself is the best way to make sure that your dog can be easily returned back to you.

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