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Rivet-On Dog Collar Name Plates

Nameplate installation is very simple with the installation instructions and set of matching two-piece rivets included with each tag. Choose your favorite from our selection of 13 fonts and start personalizing your pup’s new nameplate today!
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Sophisticated Style & Safety

Our rivet-on dog collar nameplates complement any flat collar or lead. Each nameplate can be personalized with laser engraving to include any information you and your dog desire. Choose your favorite between solid brass or stainless steel and start personalizing yours today! Still on the fence about whether our rivet-on nameplate is right for you? Check out our FAQs below.

What should I engrave on my dog’s tag?

We recommend including the information necessary to get your dog home in the event they ever become lost. Your contact information is a great place to start. Our tags have plenty of space for your pet’s name as well as your phone number or address (or both). However, this could also be an opportunity to have some fun. Make your tag’s message as unique as you like. If you can type it, we can engrave it!

How does your laser engraving work?

We use fiber laser technology to personalize our tags, collars, and buckles. This method ensures a deep engrave that cools to a dark, easy-to-read brown on most metals and an off-white on plastic and aluminum finishes.

Will the engraving rub off over time?

No, it should not. Our engraving is set deeply into each tag using our fiber laser. We guarantee it will last the life of your pet. If it doesn’t, we encourage you to let us know so we can replace it for you.

Does brass tarnish?

Solid brass does tarnish, but some people prefer the look of tarnished brass better than polished. Your dog’s brass rivet on nameplate is more likely to tarnish if not worn on a regular basis. However, if your dog’s tag never leaves their collar, movement and activity will typically prevent tarnishing. As the tag rubs against your pup’s coat and other obstacles, it will remain in a polished state. Our brass nameplates don’t get quite as much wear, but can be easily restored with a standard brass polish. If you don't want to worry about this brass nameplate maintenence, we'd suggest getting a stainless steel rivet on nameplate instead. 

Will my dog’s fur get caught or tangled in their nameplate?

No! We understand that this is a concern for a number of pet parents, but our collars with nameplates are installed carefully to avoid this problem. Our nameplates are attached using two-piece rivets that lie flush with the collar and plate. The bottom of the rivet, which sits on the side of the collar against your dog’s neck, is smooth and rounded to prevent any irritation or discomfort for your pup. The outside of the rivet is so tight against the plate, there won’t be room for any hair!

How do I install a rivet-on nameplate?

If you order one of our personalized rivet-on dog collar nameplates alone, we will send installation instructions during shipping. The basis of installing our nameplates includes punching holes into the collar that span the width of the pre-punched holes in your nameplate. Using a hammer or rubber mallet, you will then insert and tighten the rivets. Don’t worry, it’s a snap! 

Have more questions regarding our Rivet-On Dog Collar Nameplates? Contact our customer service team at [email protected] or 800-720-8247. 

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