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Dog Laying On Kevlar Chew Resistant Bolster Dog Bed 2

Kevlar Chew Resistant Bolster Dog Bed

If you need heavy duty, look no further than our Kevlar Chew Resistant Bolster Dog Bed. This bolster bed is made of high-quality materials, is chew resistant, and promotes joint health in you four-legged friend.  High-Quality Materials This...

Kevlar Chew Resistant Memory Foam Dog Bed

Chew Resistant Memory Foam Dog Bed Gone are the days of buying dog beds that Fido chews up after sleeping on it once. This super tough BuddyRest bed is constructed from human grade memory foam and features a durable Ballistic Nylon cover. In fact, this...

Medium-Large Dog Door Drop-In Closing Panel

Product Introduction Pair the Medium-Large Dog Door Drop-In Closing Panel with our Heavy Duty Dog Door or our Easy Dog Door to keep your pet properly contained. This dog door closing panel is ideal for harsh weather conditions to keep...

Big Dog Door Drop-in Closing Panel

Big Dog Door Drop-in Closing Panel  To keep a pet from entering or leaving, the 1/4" polypropylene slides inside a double track aluminum channel. Use the Big Dog Door Drop-in Closing Panel on a door, shed, garage wall, etc. to create...

Smart Pup Waterproof Lounger Dog Bed

This Smart Pup Waterproof Lounger Dog Bed has everything that your dog could ever dream of in a dog bed. Waterproof Made out of suede material, this lounger dog bed is completely waterproof. No drool, water, snot or liquid will leak through this...

Dog Door Trim Kit for Medium-Large Doors

Looking for a way to spruce up your Heavy Duty or Easy Dog Door Look no further than this primed wood trim kit.  It is designed by the same Minnesota shop that creates all of our durable, weather resistant doors. Easy add use this kit to cover the...

Heavy Duty Dog Door

Looking for a dog door that's the real deal Look no further than the Heavy Duty Dog Door. Heavy Duty We have used these heavy duty dog doors over the years and haven't found a more durable, chew proof, weather tight dog door. This dog door was...

Easy Dog Door

The Easy Free Swinging Dog Door Once you decide to install a dog door in your home for your pet, you want to be certain that it will make you and your dog's life better. That's why we offer the Easy Dog Door, the perfect, simple solution for your dog...

Libro Dog Gate

Add a modern twist to your home with The Libro Dog Gate, featuring a plastic-coated flat-metal latch so that you can walk from room to room while your furry friend is contained.  Easy Designed for easy installation, this pressure mounted gate is...

Big Dog Door

Do you need an indestructible dog door that your 200-pound dog can fit through The Big Dog Door is the perfect door for you.    Two-Way Door Design When your dog goes out the door, both the welded aluminum outer frame and the inner...

Indoor Wooden Dog Play Pen

Indoor Dog Play Pen Our standard 4 ft x 4 ft indoor dog playpen is excellent for small to medium-sized dogs. This hardwood dog pen is a great way to give your dog the high quality, indoor comfort they deserve for play and exercise. Best of all, you will...

Easy Big Dog Door

The Easy Big Dog Door is the ideal doggy door for you if you have a large dog who likes to roam freely or if you are in need of a replacement dog door! Chew Proof Yes, you heard us right. This big dog door is chew-proof with a lifetime...

Heyday Microsuede Dog Bed by WestPaw

The Heyday Bed with Microsuede by WestPaw is not only stylish but comfortable and durable. Made in the USA and hand sewn, this microsuede pillow dog bed is designed to help your dog sleep well. Perfect for travel, fits well in dog crates, and...

Dog Toy Box

This Dog Toy Box by Dynamic Accents is the perfect box for you if you're looking to store toys without compromising the interior decor in your home. This roomy storage bin can neatly store dog toys, treats and other doggie essentials! Durable This toy...

Big Sky Dog Blanket by West Paw

Buy two of these blankets because you're going to want one for yourself! The Big Sky Blanket by West Paw is the perfect throw for your pup to snuggle up on and works great for protecting your furniture and even the seats in your vehicle. This...

Large Heating & Cooling Pet Bed

Humans use hot pads and cold packs to help their bodies recover from aches and pains, so why not offer that therapy to your pet With a cooling and warming pad for your large dog, you can treat them like a King or Queen every night after a long day of...

Personalized Microfiber Kuddle Lounge Dog Bed

Check out the Embroidered Microfiber Kuddle Lounge Dog Bed for the new name in puppy luxury! Good for Your Pup & the Earth The easy step-in design makes it perfect for any pet - even puppies and arthritic dogs. The velvet microfiber bolsters...

Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door

The Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door is the all-in-one gate and doggie door. Convenient You can now choose when you’d like your small pets to pass through this gate without having to take the whole gate down. Simply open the mini swing door or...

Royal Weave Freestanding Dog Gate

The highly versatile, Royal Weave Freestanding Dog Gate is the perfect solution for small dog owners looking to block a wide range of openings. Versatile This freestanding gate is highly versatile because you can place it wherever you want and block off...
Embroidered Cooling Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed Chocolate

Personalized Cooling Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dogs prefer to sleep in a place that will keep them as cool as possible, and the embroidered cooling memory foam orthopedic bed does just that. Vet recommended, this innovative dog bed by BuddyRest supports the well-being of all dogs,...

32 Inch Walk-Through 3 Panel Indoor Dog Gate

Are you tired of climbing over your dog gate every time you need to switch rooms The 32 Inch Walk-Through 3 Panel Indoor Dog Gate can fix your problem because it has an easy passage doorway. Perfect Design This top quality gate will effectively contain...
Dog Lover Neoprene Mat All You Need is Love and a Dog

Dog Lover Sayings Water Absorbing Neoprene Mat

There are many great things about these Dog Lover Neoprene Mats, but the best things are the dog lover sayings. Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are. Every dog worships their owner and this saying says just that. Love is… Wet Noses Sloppy...
Personalized Dog Breed Waterproof Placemat  Black Lab

Personalized Dog Breed Waterproof Placemat

The Personalized House a Home Dog Mat is perfect for any use. This personalized mat can be used at your front door, in your mud room, in your kitchen or laundry room or as your dog's food and water dish mat. Customize The beautiful placemat...

27 Inch 2 Panel EZ Indoor Dog Gate

Do you need a highly functional gate that is easy to use and provides effective confinement for your dog The 27 Inch 2 Panel EZ Indoor Dog Gate designed by Dynamic Accents is the perfect fit for you. While you are busy and need your fluffy friend...

We carry high-quality products that look great in your home and make you and your dog's life easier!

Having a dog in your home can be a wonderful, cuddly experience. Or it can mean that all of your belongings get chewed on. If you have a mischievous dog, you might need some products to help curb their exploratory nature. We have a wide selection of pet gates, some that are free-standing and some that can be mounted in doorways. No matter your home's style or decor, you will be sure to find dog containment solutions like gates and crates that will look great in your home and keep your home looking great.

For the lazy pooches:

Young or old, big or small, your dog needs a cozy place to rest up for their daily adventures. We have a wide selection of dog beds for all types of dogs, including personalized embroidered beds, chew-proof beds, orthopedic beds, crate pads and more. The partners that make beds for dogIDs are only of the highest quality and attention to detail, meaning any bed you buy from dogIDs will last your dog for years to come. Most of them even come with a quality guarantee. 

For the indoor/outdoor pet:

If your dog is an independent pooch that is always going in and out, we carry a great selection of hard-working doggy doors. Our doors are made for all kinds of weather and mounts - giving you lots of options to create the perfect pet door, whether it's in a standard front door, a window or a sliding glass door.