Dog Beds & Containment

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Durable Dog Beds & Containment

Explore our variety of durable dog beds. In addition to comfy beds and accessories, you can find high-quality crates for excitable pooches that need containment during daytime naps and nighttime slumber. Discover just the right size, shape, and color, whether you have a tiny chihuahua or a lumbering St. Bernard. We have quality dog beds for cuddly puppies and mats for canines who prefer to spread out and take up all the space. Find the perfect bed for your pooch here!

The Perfect Place to Sleep

Let's start out with a look at our durable dog beds. From cuddle beds and lounger beds that will cradle your precious pup to cushioned pillow beds, you'll find a size and style that your dog will adore. Opt for a personalized bed that features your pup's name, or choose a colorful, cushy bed that you can throw in the car for a road trip.

Cozy Containment

Crate training might not be up your alley, but quality dog beds can transform your dog’s kennel into a doggie playpen! With plenty of room for your pup to romp and tumble, our crates are the perfect solution for pooches who get up to mischief in the middle of the night or when you're doing housework. Place the bed inside, along with toys, food, and water, to make your fur baby feel at home.

Extra Comfort

Check out additional accessories to enhance your dog's life. A heating and cooling pad ensures comfort, no matter what your dog prefers. We have blankets that your pup will love to lounge on, too.

Design a dreamy doggie bedroom with durable dog beds and more from dogIDs. Don’t forget to reach out to our support team with any questions about your order!