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Personalized Paws & Bones Waterhog Dog Placemat

The Personalized Paws & Bones Waterhog Dog Placemat adds the perfect dose of style to your dog's eating and drinking area. Best Dog Mat This personalized dog dish mat is full of great features. The material of the Personalized Paws & Bones...

Personalized Paws & Bones Pattern Waterhog Dog Placemat

What better place to put your dog's food and water dish than on the Personalized Paws & Bones Pattern Dog Food Mat You will fall in love with the fun, doggy friendly design of this mat as much as you will fall in love with its great...

Personalized Squares Waterhog Dog Placemat

The Personalized Squares Dog Food Mat is a classic looking Waterhog mat for your dog's food and water dishes. These mats are perfect for those pups that love to "play" in their food and water dishes, because they contain any spills with the outside...

Personalized Bones Waterhog Dog Feeding Placemat

The Personalized Bones Waterproof Dog Food Mat offers a great look along with superior functionality. Design We offer this waterproof dog mat in 5 different color options for you and your furry friend. The material is colorfast which means that the...

Dog Food Mats - A Special Place for Fido to Eat

Make it very clear to your dog where her place to eat is by using a dog food mat. A pet placemat will help you train your entire family (furry and human members) where your pet’s food is supposed to go.

Using placemats to mark specific eating areas is also helpful if you have more than one pet.

Want to go even further in making your pooch feel special? Get your mat personalized! We offer a variety of dog dish placemats that can be personalized with your dog's initials or name.

Keep Your Home Clean

Our dog food mats are made to stay in place and some even trap liquid. The material used to make mats like the Personalized Bones Dog Food Mat holds up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard.

The raised and recessed pattern of mats like this also traps any food that’s spilled.

Mats like the Bistro Menu Dog Food Mat have a backing made of neoprene. That’s the stuff wet suits are made of, so you can imagine how well it would stay in place even when nudged by a cute wet nose or pushed by a paw.

Compliment Your Home Decor

We have many different styles of pet placemats to choose from. Some feature stamped designs and personalization.

Others have a printed image on a polyester material and can be personalized in some cases as well. Shop around and find the right color-scheme and theme for your home.

Also Great for Door Mats, Outdoor Mats and Kitchen Mats

Our textured pattern dog bowl mats are durable and can also be used outside. The material used is resistant to mold and mildew and will not fade in the sunlight.

The raised and recessed surface also makes a great door mat that can prevent mud, snow and rain from being dragged into your house, or trap the liquid in place when shoes are left on the mat.

Our printed dog food mats are backed with a thick, cushiony neoprene material. That padding also makes these mats great for use in the kitchen.

They won’t slide around and they’ll give you a little extra padding between your toes and the hard, cold kitchen floor.

Why Shop dogIDs?

The team at dogIDs is passionate about helping pet parents keep animals safe and healthy. We work every day to bring you products that will meet this goal and also help you build a great relationship with your pet.

We are a small, family-led company based on North Dakota and we truly value our customers. Contact us anytime you have questions before, during or after a purchase.