Dog Leashes

Dog Leashes

A Custom Dog Leash for Your Best Friend

When it comes to finding the perfect leashes for dogs, we're confident you'll like what we have to offer. Whether you're picking out a leash for a puppy, a working dog, a senior dog or replacing your current go-to daily lead, we've got you covered.

Considering your dog walking and training needs, take a look at our collections and choose the lead that makes the most sense for you. If looking for a lead that matches your dog's collar or other accessories is also a priority, you won't have a problem finding options to color coordinate since we have so many colors, styles and material to choose from.

The Best Handcrafted Dog Leashes

We've been making dog collars and leashes for a long time, and you'll appreciate the subtle differences in our designs and quality. Decades of dog training wisdom goes into each of our designs as well as TLC.

Customization is key here at dogIDs. Since we're a custom made to order business, our customers benefit from the ridiculous amount of options we offer. Pick out the color, design, and material that will best suit your needs and we'll build it just the way you want. And again, color options? If you can't find the color that makes your heart glad, especially in waterproof and nylon webbing styles, well, I guess we get stumped every once in a while, but you better let us know.

We understand that a high quality dog leash is one of the best investments you can make in your dog and the relationship between the two of you. It's the most important communication tool in your arsenal of dog supplies. We have styles for all situations you and your dog may encounter, from leisurely walks to serious training situations in the field. We have every style custom dog lead you'll need and we're very confident you'll agree that choosing one of ours was the best choice you could have made. We don't just make them, we walk and train our dogs our dogs with them as well. So of course we believe without a doubt that we make the best out there.

Styles, Materials and Colors to Fit All Needs

Take your time browsing. We're sure you'll find just what you were looking for and then some. Here are our most popular categories to get you started:

  • Waterproof: A waterproof lead is a must-have for dogs who love romping in lakes, pools, rivers, or the ocean. The waterproof and odor resistant strap we use is made by Biothane and was originally developed for horse team harnesses, so it's extremely heavy-duty. You'll have to look pretty close to tell it apart from leather too because of it's unique texture. Though it's tough and waterproof, you'll be amazed how soft and grippy it feels in-hand.

  • Nylon: Nylon is a very popular leash material so you can find them everywhere. Not a leash like ours though. We've spent many years finding a heavy-duty, thick nylon webbing that is silky smooth and feels so nice in your hands. Prefer a lightweight lead? This is a good choice for you.

  • Rope: Many people love to use a rope lead as the round shape feels so naturally comfortable in your hands. You'll love ours as they're made with a very soft polypro rope, which has a super soft feel! They also easily roll up and stow away in the smallest spaces without getting bent out of shape.

  • Leather: If you try a leather lead from dogIDs, we're quite confident it will eventually be your favorite to walk your canine companion with. All of our leather leads are top grade leather, mainly English bridle leather. Once they break in, they're so supple. They feel so good in-hand and look so classy. Add a personalized name plate and wow, they really look sharp!

  • Reflective: Reflective dog leashes can make a huge difference when walking your dog in low-light conditions. The large surface area of reflectivity helps make you and your dog much more visible for safety.

  • Specialty: If you're looking for a leash with special functionality, check out our specialty leads collection. From steady tabs to check cords, we've got all the bases covered, especially if you're into dog training.

What Length Dog Leash Do I Need?

This mainly depends on your height, the height of your dog and how much extra length you want to work with. It also depends on the most common situations you find you and your pooch in when out and about.

If you're frequently walking in congested environments or with lots of traffic, a traffic lead with a shorter handle may be a good option since this lead requires a dog to be right beside you in heel position. Otherwise, a 4 or 6 foot length is most popular and can accommodate most leisure walk situations. If you'd like a lead that has multiple functions to train with and go for dog walks, you may want to try either our leather or waterproof jaeger lead.

Which is the Best Dog Leash for Walks?

This question is very subjective and mainly depends on what your needs are. However, most seasoned dog trainers recommend a 6 foot leash, especially to train with, so you always have some extra length to work with when needed.

If you then have a lot of slack in the lead, you can just grab the excess with your other hand or roll it up around your lead hand when not needed. That way if you want to let your pup sniff the latest marks on trees or say hi to his familiar neighborhood friends, you don't have to try to cover the ground that he can.

Specialty Dog Leads To Get the Job Done

Do you walk multiple dogs at the same time? Snag yourself one of our double-dog or multi-leashes that resist twisting. Many of our leashes can be personalized with your contact information too in case you ever misplace it or want to label them.

We make many types of specialty leads like jaeger leads, traffic leads, steady tabs, long lines, or as some call them in the sporting dog world, check cords, and other leashes you need for those special situations. Working dog handlers love our specialty leash collection!

Once you pick out one of our custom dog leashes, you can select the color and customization if you want and add a unique dog tag or matching collar too. Find the best dog leashes for you and your pup at dogIDs!