Custom Dog Leashes

Custom Dog Leashes

The Best Custom Dog Leashes Handmade for Your Best Friend

When it comes to dog walking, we're confident that within our selection, you won't have a problem locating the best custom dog leash for both you and your beloved pup. Whether you're picking out a leash for a puppy or replacing your dog's current leash, you're spoiled for choice here. You know how your best four-legged buddy behaves on a lead, which helps with the decision process.

Pick out the color, design, and material that will best suit your dog's behavior. Look over and fetch one of our custom dog leads that will help you communicate best with your dog during training sessions and when on neighborhood walks. A high quality dog lead is one of the most solid investments you can make in your dog...and the relationship between the two of you. We have leashes for all situations you and your dog may encounter from leisurely walks to serious training situations in the field. We have every style custom dog lead you will need!

The Leader in Dog Leashes

Take a moment to browse through our custom leashes, and we're convinced you'll find the best dog leash in no time. Our custom waterproof leashes are must-haves for dogs who love romping in lakes, pools, rivers, or the ocean. The waterproof strap we use was originally developed for horse team harnesses so it's extremely heavy duty. Though it's tough and waterproof, you'll be amazed how soft and grippy it feels in-hand. Maybe you have a small dog so need something lighter weight, durable and sturdy but not water and odor proof to lead your eager pooch, then opt for our custom nylon leashes. Rope leads are very stylish, strong and tough as well. All of our leashes are extremely strong. So for dogs who pull a lot, any of them will hold up well and save your hands from surprise abrasions.

A leather leash may be what you prefer and with a personalized nameplate, very classy looking indeed. Walking two dogs at once? Snag yourself one of our double dog or multi leashes that won't ever tangle. Many of our leashes can be personalized with your contact information too in case you ever misplace it.

Once you pick out one of our handmade custom dog leashes, you can select the color and customization you want and add a unique dog tag or matching collar too. Find the best dog leashes at dogIDs!