Dog Training Collars

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Mendota Pro Trainer Slip Collar

The Mendota Pro-Trainer Slip Collar is exactly what it sounds like - a professional tool that gives you great results when training your dog or puppy. So how does it work Slip collars are a great tool in training your dog to walk on a leash. Each side...

MAYA Small Slip Collar for Puppies & Small Dogs

Built for Training The MAYA Small Slip Collar for Puppies & Small Dogs is made from award winning, 100% cotton, hand-woven MAYA material and backed with tough nylon webbing. The handwoven process assures that no two collars will look exactly alike...

Nylon Dog Training Collars

Training your dog is essential, but you need the right tools to get the job done properly and humanely. Browse the range of dog training collars available at dogIDs. We offer nylon training collars made for a comfortable fit that will still teach your dog to follow your commands. It's not true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks! With patience, a loving but firm hand, and plenty of consistency, you can train your dog to be a well-mannered pooch who behaves beautifully. It all starts with the perfect dog collar.

Training Made Easy

Using a dog training collar has a variety of benefits. To begin with, it will help you to become a better owner. When you're trying to teach your dog not to bark at people or other dogs during a walk, for example, you can pull on the leash to give the collar a tug.

This method can also work for pooches who fight the lead or jerk when you take them for walks. Nylon training collars can help with dogs who have food aggression, as well as pups who need a bit of behavioral training after time spent in a kennel or rescue. A training collar of durable nylon provides extra control as you introduce the dog to a new kitten or puppy. The secret is to make sure that the collar is comfortable while still sending a message.

Browse through the dog training collars at dogIDs, and don’t forget your nylon dog leash to pair with yours!