Stainless Steel Engraved Slow Feed Bowl

Stainless Steel Engraved Slow Feed Bowl

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The Personalized Stainless Steel "Not So Fast" Dog Bowl is the first stainless steel slow feed dog bowl designed to help dogs slow down when they eat.

Slow Down Your Fast Eater

This bowl is designed with a raised inner section. Having the food in a canal around the outside edge of the bowl causes dogs to eat slower because it is not as easy for them to reach the food. This aids in their digestion to prevent choking, vomiting, gastrointestinal issues and bloating. Gulping down food too quickly and swallowing air could be potentially life threatening.

Looking for a matching set Our Stainless Steel Engraved Water Bowl will look great along side the food bowl. They are both made from the highest quality stainless steel and both can be engraved on the inside. The water bowl will be in the Related Products once you add the food bowl to your cart.

High-Quality Engraving

Each bowl is personalized with your dog's name done in your choice of 13 fonts. Our laser engraving is done with high-quality commercial lasers for a durable and precise engraved product. We guarantee the quality of our engraving for the life of your pet.

Product Features:

  • 3-quart bowl size (2.5 qt volume, due to inner dome) - 1 lb
  • Fits in all of our Large and Extra Large Raised Feeders (Example pictured but not included)
  • Satin finished stainless steel
  • Deeply laser engraved with your choice of font and text - Up to 12 characters
  • Bowl diameter is 10 in from edge to edge and fits into a 9 in feeder
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Matches the Stainless Steel Engraved Water Bowl

Stands not included.


Est. Production Time: 2-4 business days.

  • Slows Down Feeding Time
  • Aids Digestion & Prevents Bloating
  • Personalized with up to 12 Characters
  • Guaranteed for Life



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