Rubit Dog ID Tag Attaching Clip

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Rubit Dog ID Tag Attaching Clip


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  • Attach Directly to Your Dog's Collar, Leash & More
  • Secure & Quick Attachment
  • Only a Few Options Left!
  • Dog Tag Not Included
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  • Product Description

The Rubit Dog ID Tag Attaching Clip is perfect for those times when you want to change collars but don't want the hassle of moving the dog tags with split rings or s-hooks!

The Rubit's Carabiner shape makes moving dog ID tags easy! When you change collars, you just un-clip the spring loaded gate clip from one dog collar and then clip it to the other collar or whatever you want to clip the dog ID tag to. It's that easy!

As you know, it's VERY important for dogs to wear their dog ID tags with your latest engraved contact information in case they get lost.

Having an ID tag with up-to-date contact information is still the best way to ensure you and your dog will be reunited in the event your dog gets lost. Using one of these easy to use dog ID tag clips is a very convenient way for you to move your dog's ID tags...No matter what the situation is!

Product Features: 

  • Attaches directly to the dee ring on the dog collar
  • Can also be used with a dog kennel, leash, harness, backpack, keychain, etc. 
  • Easy to put on, secure and quick fastening 
  • High tension spring loaded gate
  • Remove the dog tag clip to quiet the tag jingle at night
  • 3 sizes available to fit all breeds
  • Made of sturdy anodized aluminum

Available in 3 Sizes:

  • Small 21 mm/.8" - Only in Blue (about the size of a nickel) - Fits most D rings on 5/8" and narrower collars
  • Medium 27 mm/1.0" - Only in Red (a little smaller than a quarter) - Fits most D rings on 3/4" - 1" wide collars
  • Large 33 mm/1.3" - Only in Red (about the size of a quarter) - Fits most D rings on 3/4" and wider collars

Check out these alternative uses for a Rubit Clip! 

  • Attach your dogís tags to its collar or harness.
  • Attach ID Tags to your Dog's Kennel when traveling.
  • Attach ID Tags to your leash.
  • Attach a spare key to your leash or backpack.
  • Attachment point for your cell phone.
  • Attach keys to the strap on your purse.
  • Attach a small light to your bag, belt, or purse.
  • Attach a small whistle to your child or life jacket in case of emergency.
  • Attach a bottle opener to your dog's collar. Call your dog when you need to open a bottle of you favorite beverage. Your dog will love the attention and its fun at Holiday parties!
  • Attach your fishing license to your vest or belt.
  • Attach your company credentials or School ID to your belt, bag, or coat.
  • Attach a chemical light stick to your children or dog when out after dark.
  • Attach your wallet safety chain to your belt.
  • Attach a safety leash to your fishing pole so it stays on your boat.
  • Attach your whistle, key or safety light to a life jacket.
  • Attach to safety tethers.
  • Attach your gloves or goggles to your ski pants.
  • Attach ID tags to your luggage.
  • Attach a small tool to your jacket.
  • Attach a small measuring tape to your belt or jacket.
  • Attach a small coin purse to your childís backpack.
  • Attach your reading glasses case to your belt or purse.
  • Attach lip moisturizer to your jacket when outdoors.
  • Attach a scarf to your jacket so it won't get lost.
  • Attach your hotel key card (borrow a hole punch from the hotel front desk) to your swimsuit. 



True Sizing