A Visit from Cooper, North Dakota’s Hero Dog

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cooper1Do you remember hearing about Cooper, the hero dog from North Dakota, this past May? The dogIDs team was lucky enough to meet this canine celebrity this past week.

If you haven’t heard the story, this past May the Urness Family’s 3 year-old son, Carson, went missing while playing outside at their farm near Cooperstown, ND.  The family dog, Cooper, was gone too, so the family hoped the two of them were together.

A team of 200 people searched for many hours to find Carson and finally found him about a mile away from the family home. Sure enough, Cooper was there too – lying on the boy to keep him warm and safe.

The dogIDs team was very impressed with Cooper’s actions and wanted to show our appreciation. We sent Cooper one of our waterproof ScruffTag collars and a “SuperDog” Tag with his family’s contact information on them.  Since he’s proven how much he cares for his family, we certainly want to make sure he can always be returned to them if he were to get lost.

Courtney and Brock Urness brought Cooper into Fargo this past week and came over to the dogIDs office so that we could meet him. Not surprisingly, he was a very sweet dog – he even licked Syrus’ face in greeting!

Our staff loves hearing the stories of dogs serving their families and communities. We are glad that we could treat this heroic dog to a few gifts that will keep him safe and happy!

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