Celebrating dogIDs Spokesdog, River!

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Happy Birthday River!Today is a very special day. It’s River’s 5th birthday!

For the past five years, River has been the dogIDs spokesdog, fit model, product tester and morale booster. He spends every day helping us further our mission of producing and selling the highest quality dog products.

River is a yellow Labrador retriever and his pet parents are dogIDs owners, Clint and Lori Howitz. He also has a human sister, Brynn, and a Great Dane brother, Syrus.

River’s favorite activity is playing fetch, which he gets to play pretty much every day at the dogIDs office with our eCommerce Manager, Eric.

River also likes to pose for product photos, run on his doggie treadmill, chase shadows and get his belly rubbed.


Here are some of our favorite photos of River:


Thanks for being a ray of sunshine in our office, River, and for inspiring us to create great products for you and your four-legged friends!

Happy Birthday River!


Have a birthday message for River? Leave it in the comments below.

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Shelby Cochran is People and Projects Coordinator at dogIDs, taking part in customer service, human resources/culture, social media, marketing and special promotions. Shelby has a fiery little mutt named Simon as well as an odd cat, Gengar. When she’s not enjoying working with the team at dogIDs, she does committee work for a local Habitat for Humanity chapter and performs in community theatre productions.
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  1. Lindsay Stordahl says:

    Happy birthday River!!

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