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Dog Training Collars

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Dog Training Collars
Dog training collars are a great solution if your dog has problems staying next to you on walks. A slip collar will help you give your pet a quick correction without harming her neck. Our slip collars come in leather, braided nylon and hand-weaved cotton.

What is a slip collar?
A slip collar is a pet-friendly way to correct your dog when he’s not behaving as you’d like. Some people refer to collars similar to this as a slip chain, check chain or choke collar, but our dog training collars are made out of nylon or leather, not chain. And when used correctly, you are not choking your dog.

Our Slip collars for dogs are made out of leather or nylon rope with rings at both ends. The collar goes through one ring, leaving the other ring open on the end. This creates a loop around the dog’s neck that should sit right below their ears. The end of the collar with the open ring sits on the back of the dog’s neck. When the leash is attached to the ring with the collar through it, pulling the leash will not tighten the collar. When the leash is connected to the empty ring on the end, the collar will slip and tighten when the leash is pulled, and slip back to being looser when the tension is released.

Nylon and leather training collars for dogs are also used as show slip leads. Show dog handlers like to use slip collars because they allow for very effective training tools when used correctly.

Does your dog need a slip collar?
Dogs who have issues staying next to you while taking a walk would really benefit from the correct use of a slip collar. If your dog is easily distracted by other dogs, rabbits or leaves blowing in the wind, a slip collar will help you quickly get him back on track. Slip collars are also helpful for dogs that are stubborn, pull during walks or do not respond to training when wearing a regular collar. Dog training collars like this are great tools for correcting misbehaviors so you can both enjoy your time more.

How to use dog training collars
All it takes is a quick, firm pull sideways on a leash to engage a slip collar and get your dog’s attention. A simple, quick tug that is immediately released will get your pup back in line and in heel position. Some people think of this action as a snap, correction or leash pop. You do not want to pull straight back on a leash connected to a slip collar because that will just cause your dog to pull against you. If you aren’t sure how to best use a slip lead, we recommend asking a local trainer or vet for help.

Training Collars for Small Dogs and Puppies
Slip collars can also be used for training small dogs and puppies. We do have one MAYA puppy training collar available. You can also order a custom-length Mendota slip lead for a small additional charge. Just give us a call at 800-720-8247 to learn more about Mendota slip leads for puppies and small dogs.

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Each day at dogIDs, our team is hard at work and surrounded by our pets and the products we believe will improve their health and safety. We want the best for your and your animal as well. Give us a call at 800-720-8247 anytime you have a question for us.

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