10 Ways to Show Your Dog Appreciation

We’re excited for the fun pet holiday coming up next week! This month, "Pet Appreciation Week" is celebrated and is a great excuse to spend some time with your pup.

Here’s a list of some of our 10 favorite ways you can show your own dog some extra appreciation!

Show Your Dog Some Appreciation

1. Treat her to a professional groom.

(Unless that experience gives her anxiety! In which case, consider giving her a gentle bath or brushing at home instead.)

2. Bake some homemade doggie treats for her!

(Click here for a recipe from our own collection.)

3. Go on a nice long walk together.

Hopefully, you already take lots of walks, but change it up and go on a longer one this time, or try a new route and explore a new part of your neighborhood.

4. Take her someplace new and fun.

Try a new park in town, or see if your city has an agility course she can play in.

5. Treat her to a doggie date!

Just like kids, it’s important to keep your dog socialized, so arrange a doggie play date with friends or family with their own pups. Just make sure that until you know everyone gets along, you supervise and follow proper introduction techniques.

6. Devote one entire day to your dog.

Shower her with love, games, walks, treats and plenty of snuggles. Don’t make her play second fiddle to work, technology, housework or other distractions we humans have.

7. Find a new activity to do together

Like playing frisbee outdoors or going for a bike ride.

8. Teach her a new trick and reward her generously for mastering it.

9. Buy her a new toy or treat.

My dog loves to shred new squeaky toys, so we rarely buy him those anymore, as much as he loves them. He likes his bone and Kong, but when he gets a squeaker toy, his pure excitement is fun for both us.

10. Adopt a new pet!

Maybe you don’t currently have a pet, or you want a companion for the one you already have. Show your appreciation to a shelter animal and give one a new forever home. This is one they will surely appreciate!

How do you like to show your pet appreciation?