13 Dogs That Are Not Fans Of Christmas

If you're a pet owner, you know that one of the best parts of Christmas is getting to dress up your dog in an adorable, ridiculous, and festive costume. Our dogs beg to differ, though. Here's a collection of dogs who would rather live with Scrooge during the holidays.

Dogs That Are Not Fans of Christmas

1. The Santa Paws

Photo from instagram.com

2. The One That Doesn't Love His Hat

Photo from instagram.com/meatandbun

3. The Dog That's Fed Up With Costumes and Pictures

Photo from instagram.com/tidetime

4. The One With The Squishy Outfit

5. The One That Doesn't Want to be a Christmas Tree

Photo from instagram.com/officialavacantrell

6. The One Playing Along For The Picture

Photo from instagram.com/michealenems

7. The One Who'd Rather Sniff The Bird

Photo from instagram.com

8. The One That Doesn't Like Matching

 Photo from instagram.com/elainey0007

9. The Dog That Has Had Enough of This Nonsense

 Photo from instagram.com/doonsmoons

10. The Dogs That Know They Aren't Reindeer

Photo from instagram.com/thedailybutters

11. The Dog That Needs Out Of This Outfit. Now.

Photo from instagram.com/cookingfordogs

12. The Dog That Would Rather Not be in a Skirt

Photo from instagram.com/amysyang

13. The Dog That Has to Do This Every Year

Does your dog have this much Christmas spirit? If so, feel free to post a picture to our dogIDs Facebook page so we can show off some doggy Christmas cheer!