Emma's Adoption Story - Celebrate Adopt-A-Dog Month

Happy Adopt-A-Dog Month!

This August, dogIDs was lucky enough to welcome a new pack member to our office.

Our production specialist, Keely, adopted a spunky little boxer named Emma. We decided to celebrate Adopt-A-Dog month by telling you their story!

Emma's Story

Keely knew she had a love for boxers. This winter the pack was devastated when Keely had to say goodbye to her first boxer, Lux. As the months went by, she knew she wanted another companion for Ody, her loveable mutt, and that she wanted to give an adoptable dog a forever home.

After looking at locations to adopt a boxer, Keely reached out to Northern Plains Boxer Rescue.

"Boxers are the goofiest, most loveable fluff nuggets. I fell in love with Lux and knew I wanted another boxer to make me smile."

Keely applied for a different boxer, but that adoption didn't work out. Six months later, the adoption coordinator reached out saying there was a boxer that she thought would be a perfect fit for Keely.

When Emma and Keely finally met, it was love at first sight. You could tell Emma knew  she was about to go to her forever home.

Emma's brother, Ody, was unsure about her, but now the two are inseparable!

Life as an Office Dog

Emma is a joy to have in the office! She loves talking to Ody, whining until he agrees to play. Her favorite place to sit is in an office chair where she can see through the production windows. She is a social butterfly that is happy to greet you at the door each and every morning. dogIDs is lucky to have such a goofy pup around to always make us smile.

Keely is happy to have her furry friends at her side and encourages others to consider adoption. "People get stuck on what breed of dog they want, a certain age or what look they need to have. What they don't know is that there are many breed specific adoption organizations. It may take a little longer to find the perfect dog, but it is worth it!"

What's your pet adoption story? Comment below and tell us how you met your best friend.