The Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

The Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

You’ve probably seen or heard about elevated bowls before, but do you know about the benefits they have for you and your dog? Bowls that are raised off of the ground are great for tall dogs or pooches that are getting older. These raised bowls make it so your pup doesn’t have to lean down so far to eat.

Elevated feeders come in many different shapes and sizes. There are elevated feeders with a single dish, with double dishes, ones made from wood and some made specifically for smaller pets. There are so many designs that you are sure to find one to match your style.

Check out some of the reasons why raised dog bowls are beneficial for you and your pup.

Benefits of Elevated Dog Bowls

Single elevated dog bowl

Medical Conditions


Megaesophagus is a condition where the esophagus becomes enlarged and food and water are not pushed down into the stomach. This causes dogs to regurgitate their food. The food can also enter the lung or be left in the throat where it decays. To learn more about this condition, read our blog What Is Megaesophagus.

Elevated bowls can be beneficial for helping dogs eat in a more upright position. This condition affects each dog differently. Many dogs may need to be fed vertically in a Bailey Chair. An elevated bowl paired with a chair can make for a much smoother feeding experience.


Bloat can be caused by increased air intake into the stomach while eating. If your dog has trouble with bloat or has a family history of bloat, we recommend using a Slow Feed Bowl. You can pair the slow feed bowl with an elevated feeder to help your dog eat slower and be in a more comfortable position.

There are conflicting studies on whether or not elevated bowls can increase or decrease the risk of bloat. If your dog is at a risk of bloat, we advise you to speak with your veterinarian about whether an elevated bowl will be beneficial for your dog.

Health and Physical Benefits

Correct Posture

Larger dogs have a tendency to lie down to eat. If their bowl is on the ground, it is easier for them to reach the food if they lie on the floor. By raising their bowls to a height that is appropriate for them, you can help them eat upright and correct their posture.

Dog eating from traditional dog bowls

Reduce Strain

A few ways that bowls placed on the ground can create strain. The first is when pets raise their head after chewing or drinking water. They do this to help facilitate swallowing. A raised bowl will reduce the strain on their neck from this motion.

Low bowls can also place strain on the dog’s neck, hips, shoulders and joints. Elevated bowls are better for older dogs or those with arthritis, orthopedic conditions, joint disorders, sore joints or spinal conditions.

Elevated bowls can also be beneficial for you! By bringing your dog’s bowl up, you don’t have to lean down as far to fill the bowl. This way you can eliminate unnecessary strain on your back.

Cut Down on Messes

If your dog likes to splash or “swim” in their water bowl, raised feeders may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. When bowls are higher up, it minimizes the likeliness that your dog will be tempted to splash in it.

Have you ever filled your dog’s bowl and a minute later it’s across the room? With an elevated feeder, the bowls stay put and your dog will no longer have to chase down his food.

Elevated bowls are also more hygienic. Traditional dog bowls sit on the floor and get surrounded by fur and food particles. Dirt can be kicked up and get in their food and water. Elevated bowls raise your dog’s meal off of the ground and out of the mess.

Correct Aggressive Behavior

When dogs eat from the floor, their head is facing down towards their feet. This makes them feel territorial and possessive because they can stand over the bowl and cannot see anyone that may be approaching. This can lead to behavior problems like being aggressive when people come near their food bowl. If the bowl is elevated, they can see around them and feel more calm.

Elevated bowls are great for dogs that need a taller eating or drinking station. They can aid in reducing strain, create a cleaner eating environment and even help correct aggressive behavior.

If you’d like to check out elevated dog bowls or get one for your pup, click here!

May 09, 2018 Sabrina Kremer

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