Change a Pet's Life Day - Help Renner Get Adopted

Here at dogIDs we strive to improve the lives of dogs. Each pet deserves a good home, proper care and plenty of walks. dogIDs is happy to introduce you to Renner. With your help we will get Renner and care he needs.

On January 24th, dogIDs will celebrate Change a Pet's Life Day by donating a dollar for every order made that day. You may be wondering why we picked Renner. This pup's bad luck made him a perfect candidate for our first Change a Pet's Life Day event.

Meet Renner

Renner is a 2-year-old pitbull who is very kind and loving. Unfortunately, he was pulled from a neglect situation which has left him with anxiety.

Due to his troublesome start, Renner has a deformed back leg. Early in life his leg was broken badly and healed without medical attention. This causes a limp when he walks.

Even though he has kennel sores, happy tail and infections on his skin, he is a happy pup looking to be loved.

By placing an order on January 24th, the donations from dogIDs will help provide medication and supplies to help Renner on his journey to find a forever home.

Stay pawesome!