How Your Dog's New Favorite Treats Are Made

How Your Dog's New Favorite Treats Are Made

Sit, stay, brew!

If there are two things that Riley Rogers knows best, it's that his dogs deserve the best and that you can't go wrong with a pint of locally brewed beer.

As dog breeds continue to grow and change every day, so do the list of allergies pet owners need to look out for.

After constantly guessing what his dogs were eating and seeing so many treats being recalled, Riley, a chef and baker, was fed up. He knew his rescue pups Ryder and Ruca should get the best organic treats. When he couldn't find any, Riley decided to start cooking!

Pour a Glass of Inspiration

Riley started thinking about which organic ingredients he could use for his pup's dog treats, and the answer was in the form of an IPA. After contacting a friend who is an owner of Fargo Brewing Company, Riley began repurposing grains used in the brewing process. These grains are used at the start of the brewing process and contain 0% alcohol when they are ready to turn into treats.

Riley begins the process by taking the wet grains and mixing them with whole wheat flour. Once the other all natural ingredients are added, the mixture is hand-rolled onto a table and carefully hand cut into bone shapes. The treats are then baked and dehydrated for a longer shelf life.

A Beer For You and a Treat For Them

dogIDs is excited to partner with another Fargo entrepreneur. We love helping our community and having our community help us.

These high protein treats are every pup's dream. Pick from a variety of flavors like blueberry and peanut butter banana. Shop for yours today!


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Nov 11, 2022 Hannah Savoy

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