dogIDs Products Ensure Harmless Halloween for Dogs

Keep Halloween Safe for Dogs

Reflective and Light-Up Products Keep Dogs Safe

"We want to encourage pet owners to remember the basics of Halloween safety..."dogIDs

, a leading provider of personalized designer dog collars, custom dog ID tags, dog beds and dog leashes, has numerous reflective and light-up collars, leashes, lights and more to keep your dog safe this Halloween season.

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“We want to encourage pet owners to remember the basics of Halloween safety: keep the candy away, avoid unsafe pet costumes, watch dogs so they don’t become scared and dart out the door when greeting trick-or-treaters come and so on,” says Clint Howitz, pack leader and president of dogIDs. “Most importantly, we want to remind pet owners to have proper identification on their dogs and to use reflective or light-up products for evening and nighttime walks.”

Reflective ScruffTag Dog Collar– Truly the “next big thing” in ID collars, these highly visible and reflective collars a unique web address and engraved QR code, the latter which can be scanned with any smartphone, including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Mobile and more. The ScruffTag itself sits on the scruff or back of a dog’s neck, making it easy to scan the QR code without having to reach under a dog’s jowls. The collar can also include the pet’s name and the owner’s phone number. 

“With proper ID collars and products that ensure their dogs can be seen, pet owners can relax and enjoy Halloween as well as those nighttime strolls with their best friend,” Howitz says.