How to Use a Tag Silencer to Get Rid of the Jingle

It’s 3 am. You’re all cozy in bed, dreaming the night away until you are woken up by the most annoying sound.


Your dog is out cruising around, shaking their tags everywhere that they go.

We are about to save your sanity with one simple product.

Meet the Tag Silencer

The tag silencer is a small item that goes over your metal dog tag to help silence that irritating “jingle jangle.” As an added bonus, it’s glow-in-the-dark and will help keep your tags looking like new.

If you ordered a sports tag from dogIDs, you may have been very confused when you opened your package to see a silencer inside. We send a free silencer with every sports tag as it helps keep the vibrant team logos from getting scratched up!

If you purchased a different tag from dogIDs, you can add a silencer here! Make sure you are ordering the correct size and shape for your dog tag.

Now that you know what a tag silencer is - let’s learn how to use it!

How to Use Your Tag Silencer

Step 1 - Order your silencer.

Step 2 - Open the silencer packaging and grab your dog tag.

Step 3 - Start with the edge and work the tag into the opening of the silencer.

Step 4 - Reattach your dog’s tag to their collar

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