5 Tips For An Epic Road Trip With Your Dog

Obsessive dog parents can rarely think about leaving their dog at home while going on a road trip. Well, taking your dog with you is not a bad idea, especially if your dog is well trained and healthy. Not only can dogs make your road trip more exciting, but you can also spare yourself the anxiety of leaving your dogs at the mercy of pet sitters or kennels. However, taking dogs on road trips is not free of challenges. We discuss five expert tips in this article to help you prepare better for an epic road trip with your dog.

1. Pack Dog Essentials

Your dog may be an obedient pup who responds well to commands. But when it comes to remaining in the confined space of a moving car, dogs can react abnormally. Carrying certain dog essentials like the following will help you keep Fido happy and safe:

  • Dog ID: No matter how vigilantly you guard your dogs, they can get lost in crowded spots like roadside markets and parks. Therefore, you need to put an ID tag on your dog’s collar that mentions the owner’s contact details.
  • Dog Food: A hungry dog can get agitated on the way and ruin your trip. Store adequate dog food in the car and feed your dog according to their regular feeding schedule.
  • Collar and Leash: Although you can keep your dog on the car seat or your lap in the moving car, you have to keep them restrained whenever you get off the vehicle. A durable leash and collar is a valuable dog essential that lets you walk with your dog in various locales.

Make sure the interior of the car is not stuffed with your luggage. Shift the weights to the vehicle’s land rover Discovery 4 roof rack and keep the space roomy for your dog.

2. Crate-Train Your Dog

Training your dog to stay comfortably in a crate can help you beyond air travel. Making Fido sit in a crate in your car has several benefits. Firstly, in the case of an abrupt halt or a minor accident, your dog can remain safe from injuries. Secondly, allowing your dogs the free space of the entire car can make them disorderly, which may end up in messy seats or torn-up dresses.

For road trips, choose a crate that is well-ventilated and spacious enough for your dog to sit, lie down, and turn around. If you have a scarcity of space, you can put the dogs in the crate and keep them in the back seat. For smaller cars not having enough space to place a crate, you can use a dog harness. Remember that no matter where your dog is placed in the car, never let them stick their head out through the windows. Your cute pup may get injured while trying to enjoy the fresh air.

3. Visit A Veterinarian Before Leaving

No matter how fun road trips are, they require patience, stamina, and sometimes, courage to survive the hurdles. Dogs with a record of significant ailments are not ideal for long road trips. If you are traveling cross-border, you may require a fitness certificate attesting to your pup’s health condition.

When you prepare your dog for a long road trip, a vet can recommend possible precautions and provide the required vaccinations. Moreover, an expert can diagnose your dog’s health condition and suggest the levels of toil they can endure. If your dog is presently undergoing any treatment, you also need to stock up on related medications and supplements.

4. Keep Your Dog Entertained

Like us, dogs can get bored when they are cramped into a car seat for hours at a stretch. If you are not attentive to your dogs, they can become disinterested in the trip and go into a shell. To keep your dog’s spirit high, bring objects that can make them joyful. You can carry toys like balls, Tuffies, Kong, and other compact items that dogs can play with inside the car. Don’t carry fragile toys because they can litter the inside of the car.

Besides toys, playing your furry friend’s favorite music tracks can keep them engaged and lively through the course of the drive. If your dog has the habit of watching movies or cartoons, you can make use of the car’s infotainment system, as well.

5. Choose A Dog-Friendly Accommodation

After a day of long, exciting, and sometimes jittery road trips, everyone wants to spend the night in comfortable and safe accommodation. However, dogs may not be able to adjust quickly to a new place. Moreover, very few hotels allow pets or provide quality pet services.

Therefore, you need to book dog-friendly accommodation even before setting out to avoid hassles on the journey. A dog-friendly hotel will provide special services like dog massage (which may be crucial after a wobbly journey), dog walking, grooming, etc. Moreover, such hotels generally have customized dog beds and showers, which can comfort your pups after a tiring journey.

Before you book a hotel, inquire about the check-in hours and their detailed pet policy. Many hotels provide quality pet services but require you to purchase their food from outside.

Final Words

Going on a road trip with Fido can be challenging. But if you plan well, take the required precautions, and pay attention to your dog, you can indeed have a memorable road trip.

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