Paw-Mazing Ideas for Summer with your Dog

Summer is winding down, but that doesn't mean the fun with our dogs doesn't stop! We've built a list of ideas for summer with your dog, just in case you're running low on things to do. What better way to spend the lazy days of summer than to enjoy quality time with our canine companions? Here are a few ways to include your furry friend in your summer plans.

Have some splashing fun in the water

Dogs definitely love to play in the water, plus it helps keep themselves cool during this hot season! It can be the beach, the lakeshore, a kiddie pool, or even your backyard sprinkler—chances are they’ll love it just as much as you did when you were still a kid. And they’ll love it even more if you splash in on the fun and play with them in the water, too!

Keep in mind though that it’s important to look over your dog at all times when around water. Not all dogs are natural swimmers, and not all of them will want to go in deep water. Also, give your pup a quick rinse after playtime to make sure any dirt he picked up from playtime won’t remain on his skin.

Try boating for added adventure

This is an exciting way to have fun during the summer! You can go kayaking or canoeing with your dog at a nearby beach or waterpark. But make sure your dog is able to stay calm around bodies of water and respond to commands so he won’t cause mayhem in the boat. (If your dog goes out of control, chances are he’ll pose safety risks for himself and other people on the boat.)

For starters, you can try taking your dog on a short trip in shallow waters first. If there are no issues, it’s highly likely that your dog will be allowed to join longer trips—but with life jackets, of course.

Go for a hike or a walk

Dogs love to explore and go around places. When you go for a hike or walk with your pup, choose a trail that’s suitable for both you and your dog’s physical fitness level. Since it’s summer, hiking in the early mornings or around late afternoon to early evenings is recommended to avoid the heat.

To ensure your dog’s safety, use a dog collar and dog leash that’s durable enough not to wear out but comfortable enough to allow for steady breathing. Also, bring lots of fresh drinking water to keep you and your dog hydrated while you explore the outdoors.

To make your outdoor adventure more fun, you can invite some friends who also have dogs to go on a group hike. This will give you and your pup a chance to socialize with other people and canine friends, all the while enjoying the fresh air and getting some exercise. This sure is a great way to beat the cabin fever and Zoom exhaustion if you’re working from home!

Go on playdates

Of course, playdates are a must especially during summer! Try to look up leash-free areas and parks near you on the Internet. These are good options for your dog to run around and have fun, all while burning some extra calories. If you’re visiting the park for the first time, watch and observe for a while first to make sure the dogs are interacting in a way your dog will be comfortable with.

Another option is to make an appointment for your pup at a doggy daycare. This is perfect if you want to make sure your fur baby only plays with dogs that are of the same size and energy level as him. The daycare centers groups pups accordingly to ensure safe playtime for all the dogs in the pack.

Aside from supervised playtime, dog daycares also have different facilities that your pet will surely enjoy. Some even have resort-like amenities such as pools for your dog to play in. Talk about summer fun!

Visit a Dog-Friendly Attraction

Before booking a trip to a local attraction you want to visit, phone ahead of time to check if dogs are welcome. These are mostly outdoor locations like lush gardens and nature parks. These places will almost always ask that you keep your dog leashed and under control at all times, so make sure you have prepared a durable dog collar and dog leash for your dog for this trip.

Some dogs love going on outdoor adventures. One might be ready to head out into the wild at every chance he gets, while another one would prefer to be carried in a backpack by his favorite human when going out. If the latter is the case for your dog, stick to walking on easy trails, and make sure to call your chiropractor ahead of time.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends and spend quality time with your dog. After months of freezing in the cold—and after the year that was—you and your dog deserve some summer fun to distress and unwind.

Have a great summer, and play safe!