January is Walk Your Dog Month the Cold Month

January is Walk Your Dog Month, so grab your pooch and take them on your daily walk. Even if you have a large yard, walking your dog on a leash is a great training opportunity for them to socialize with other people and dogs, as well as listening to commands.

January is Walk Your Dog Month

Before you can take your canine for a nice stroll, you need to find a leash that works best for you and your dog. Leather leashes are the most comfortable to hold, but if you live in an area where rain and snow could be likely, nylon leashes are the most durable. Practice using your leash with your dog so they know how to walk without pulling. If your dog has a tendency to pull, try using a dog harness for more control.

Be in charge when you walk your dog. Your body language should be confident and your dog should be walking beside you. Reinforce their good behavior with treats when they are walking by your side and that will help them be on their best behavior.

Bring the necessities to help make the walk pleasant for you and your dog. Always carry water for yourself and your dog, especially if you’re in warmer weather. To help your dog drink water, bring a collapsible water bowl for convenience. Also, bring bags for cleaning up dog waste and disposing of it. Don’t forget to the treats to reward good behavior!

Don’t always walk the same route when you go for walks. It will make the walks more exciting for your dog (and you!). Walk with a friend, go to a dog park, or just travel off the beaten path. Your dog will love the new sights, smells, and sounds at different locations.

Don’t push your dog too far. Every dog needs a different amount of exercise depending on size, age, breed and general health. If you dog starts slowing down and panting, it is time for the walk to be over.
It's a new year, so get exercising and enjoy walking with man's best friend.