Improving the Lives of Dogs With Pawing It Forward

At dogIDs, we strive to improve the lives of dogs. With that in mind, we created our Paw It Forward program as a way to give back to dog-related non-profits. In 2017, we were honored to be partnered with Best Friends Animal Society, Red Rover, World Vets and Canine Cell Mates. Looking back on the previous year we are thrilled to see the effect our Paw It Forward program has made.

Take a look at the impact our customers made in 2017!

Contributions in 2017 with the Help of Our Wonderful Customers!

  • Best Friends Animal Society - $3,833 + $383.30 = $4,216.30
  • RedRover - $2,363 + $236.30 = $2,598.30
  • World Vets - $2,875 + $287.50 = $3,162.50
  • Canine Cellmates - $2,927 + $292.70 = $3,219.70

Total for 2017 = $13,196.80

Thank you to every one that has helped us improve the lives of dogs!

Paw It Forward Infographic

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