How to Prep Your Dog For Vacation Away From Them?

Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway or spending two weeks abroad, an important step in your vacation prep is making sure your pet will be well cared for. Bringing your four-legged family members along for the trip is the preferred option, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. In order to help prevent anxiety and make sure your pet feels comfortable, here are some great tips on prepping for vacation without your pet.

How Do I Prep My Pet For My Vacation Away From Them?

Make sure your pet is properly tagged.

Chances are your pet is microchipped but is the information on their chip up to date? Before you head out of town, make sure this information has been updated with the chip’s manufacturer. Make sure your pet's ID tag is also up to date with your correct information and that it is properly secured to your pet’s collar. You can even get tags that display your pet's microchip number.

I am Microchipped Tag

Find a great pet sitter.

A difficult part of preparing your pet for your time away is finding the right pet sitter. If you don’t have a trusted sitter in mind, ask around to find someone with experience who will be a good fit for your pet. If possible introduce the new sitter to your pet before you trip so they can get familiar with their new caretaker. Wondering where to find a good sitter? Check out or to find a trusted sitter! This gives you an opportunity to get to know them and to establish any rules you’d like to put in place for your pet.

Double check your pet’s food supply.

Does your pet have enough food to get them through your entire trip? Do they have enough treats? For some reason, you aren’t able to restock before you go, leave some cash and the name of your dog’s food with your pet sitter so they can pick some up.

Leave some special comforts for your pet.

Many pets have separation anxiety. To help ease their anxiety leave a few special comforts for them. For example, buy some new treats for your sitter to give them while you’re away. You might also leave behind a t-shirt or other piece of clothing with your scent on it so they are reminded of you.

Leave a blanket that has your scent to calm your pet

Leaving your pet behind during a vacation is tough, there are many ways you can keep your anxiety and your pet’s anxiety to a minimum. When you take the right steps, you can ensure your pet’s time away from you and keep their tail wagging until your return.

What preparation do you do for leaving your pet while you are on vacation?