Working Dog Breeds And The Work They Do

This just in - dogs were originally bred for more than giving kisses and snuggling their owners! Who knew? From hunting, guarding, herding, and pest control these furry friends have a lot of skills. Does your pup have a hidden talent? Read on to learn about the jobs of some popular breeds.

Border Collie

Job: Herding cattle and sheep

Key characteristics: Agile, energetic, intelligent, and very trainable

Ways to engage: Border Collies live their best life herding livestock on a farm. Agility training is a great alternative to keep these dogs happy and engaged.

Cane Corso

Job: Protector & bodyguard

Key characteristics: Intelligent, loyal, and assertive

Ways to engage: Brisk walks or runs to sustain their health and muscle mass, obedience training, and protection sport

Basset Hound

Job: Scenting & hunting

Key characteristics: Agreeable, patient, and loyal

Ways to engage: Obedience training, hunting, and trail walks

Rat Terrier

Job: Hunting vermin

Key characteristics: Short stocky frame and friendly

Ways to engage: Daily walks with a lot of time to sniff, fetch, and prey drive games


Job: Guarding horses and coaches

Key characteristics: Protective, bright, and active

Ways to engage: Running and hiking - Dalmatians need regular mental and physical exercise to keep them happy and out of mischief.

German Shepherd

Job: Herding, guarding, and scenting - German Shepherds today have a lot of jobs in law enforcement and the military.

Key characteristics: Courageous, agile, and muscular

Ways to engage: Agility training, tracking, and dock diving

Labrador Retriever

Job: Search-and-rescue, service dogs, and drug and bomb detection

Key characteristics: Friendly, outgoing, and energetic

Ways to engage: Fetch, dock diving, and hunting


Job: Life-saving abilities and often referred to as a “nanny dog” for watching over children

Key characteristics: Kind, devoted, and patient

Ways to engage: Swimming, agility, and obedience training

Standard Poodle

Job: Hunting

Key characteristics: Smart, athletic, and proud

Ways to engage: Hunting, retrieving, and dock diving

Great Dane

Job: Guardian

Key characteristics: Patient with kids, people-pleasers, and patient

Ways to engage: Obedience training and a lot of socialization with other animals and people

We hope you enjoyed reading and if there is a breed we didn't list that you'd like to share information about, let us know!

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